Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition ?!?!?!

Soooo, apparently Final Fantasy 15 is coming to mobile. It actually looks like it really could be the ENTIRE GAME, which is both cool and weird because this means they remade the ENTIRE GAME for mobile platform. THE ENTIRE GAME. What they need to do is port this to the 3DS as soon as they can, as it looks very much like the 3DS remakes of FF3 and FF4. I will probably pick it up for my Android emulator on Windows, though it says Windows in the video. We’ll see how it works.


Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition

Well we all kind of knew it was going to happen. With the growth of ever increasingly powerful gaming computers and components and the explosive popularity of FF15, Square Enix announced, today, the 2018 release of Final Fantasy 15 for the Windows platform. This has me SUPER excited, since I started the game a while back, but have yet to finish it only for the fact that my son keeps the PS4 upstairs in his bedroom and, since we are often playing FF14 together I don’t get to put my grubby mitts on it very often. At least with this I can purchase and play the game on my laptop! I don’t think I will get a 4k experience, but the game looks great at 1080.

Admittedly, SE has put a lot of work into this game, with two side-story expansions completed (Episodes Gladio and Prompto), at least two major updates and a multiplayer mode that is in beta testing right now. Along with a couple of games on mobile platforms, the FFXV Universe is forming.

If you want to know how I felt about the game you can read my two reviews here and here, with the first being more of a ‘first impression’, while the second is a bit more in-depth.

Cronus Lux: Completed

So according to EVERYONE, though the sword I was officially asked to make was Cronus Lux, this one should simply be called ‘Cronus’, since the ‘Lux’ version in the game has an ominous purple aura around it. Since mine doesn’t glow, everyone says I should just call it ‘Cronus’. WHATEVER! Its done, and its pretty cool

As always, thanks to ma boy for modelling it for me (he’s kind of tall, so you get an idea of the size of this thing).

Vital info: 5’6″ long, 9″ at its widest, made of 3/4″ poplar, spray painted glossy black and covered in clear coat, the runes are made of vinyl that I cut on my Silhouette machine (oh man do I need a larger model!), handle wrapped in 550 paracord.

It weighs a lot less than it probably looks, but poplar isn’t too dense. As always its might fun to swing around!

Cronus Update

I am nearly done with the Cronus Lux build I started almost three months ago. If you remember, I had started the build, then ended up in the hospital with pancreatitis, then recovered, then the temps skyrocketed here in SoCal along with a lot of other events. Fortunately the nice young lady who asked for it still wants it. It has been an interesting build and I have had to try a few new techniques out, but I think it has paid off! Enjoy a few shots, with more coming when the project is fully complete (hopefully by the end of the week)!

Final Fantasy Friday XXI: Meet the Mandervilles

This F3 we are going to take a look at one of the oddest and funniest sets of characters to come out of the Final Fantasy universe: The Mandervilles.

The FF universe is full of oddball characters, from moogles to lecherous cephalopods. Like any good story, Final Fantasy games have their own special brand of comic relief to help lighten the sometimes somber tone. Add to this the fact that the humor hails from Japanese culture and we end up with the truly, truly odd. Remember, this is the same country that thinks the funniest thing a guy can do is dress in women’s clothing and has odd gameshows that include one that forces men to recite a tongue twister within a certain amount of time or they get whacked in their testicles with a bat (look it up on YouTube, its there, honest)!

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