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Final Fantasy

US Release: July 12, 1990
Publisher: Square Co, Ltd.
Original Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)


Main Characters

The Warriors of Light [protagonist]
Four warriors, each carrying a crystal orb are the main protagonists of the first game in the Final Fantasy series. At the beginning of the game players are tasked with assigning each warrior a name and a Job class, of which there are six to select from:

  1. Warrior: a tank class that can wield heavy weapons and wear heavy armor. This class will later upgrade to Knight, which also allows them to equip stronger weapons as well as use some White magic.
  2. Monk: a damage dealing class (DD) that specializes in unarmed combat, as well as the use of nunchaku and some staff weapons. This class will later upgrade to Master, greatly increasing damage output and allowing them to wear heavier armor.
  3. Thief: a nimble and fast fighter who has a greater chance of escaping from a fight. Uses light weapons and armor, but later upgrades to Ninja and becomes able to use nearly any weapon and some Black magic.
  4. White Mage: mage class that specializes in White magic. A weak fighter but uses healing and enchanting magic to support the party. This class will later upgrade to White wizard, allowing them to use the most powerful white spells.
  5. Black Mage: mage class that specializes in Black magic. A weak fighter with very low hit points, but supports the party with damaging fire, ice and lightning spells. This class will later upgrade to Black wizard, allowing them to use the most powerful black spells.
  6. Red Mage: a well rounded class that possesses decent fighting skills, can use a good number of weapons and armor and cast low level white and black magic. This class will later upgrade to Red wizard, allowing them better abilities and slightly stronger spells.

Garland [antagonist]: Once the greatest knight in the kingdom of Cornelia, Garland turned against his king and kidnapped the princess Sarah.

Matoya: A doddering old blind witch who needs a special crystal to see. She specializes in herbs, tonics and magicked brooms.

Astos: A dark elf causing trouble in the kingdom of Elfheim, he stole the crystal needed by Matoya to see and put the elf prince into a deep sleep.


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