So for those of us who love gaming – Final Fantasy in particular – a phenomenal thing has happened. We have seen evidence of something once thought of only in dreams and the deep message boards of the internet. For years after its release and the advent of modern, high powered game consoles gamers have clamored for an updated release of Final Fantasy 7, and why wouldn’t they! One of the most popular games in the history of gaming, FF7 was one generations first real introduction to Japanese role-playing games and it did it in a phenomenal way, harnessing the power of the Sony PlayStation to blend 3D graphics with full motion video into a massive tale that starts with an eco-terrorist group trying to save the planet from an evil corporation, to a group of friends trying to save the planet from an alien menace, who’s avatar wields a frighteningly long sword.

Behold the spectacle that is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake “State of Play” trailer:

Now let me be up front in saying that this trailer is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever laid eyes on. Aside from the nostalgia factor, this really is a thing of beauty. The lighting, the character models, the sets (or what you can see of them) are all wonderfully done and I would expect nothing less from Square Enix at this point. Final Fantasy 15 may not be a fantastic game, but it did LOOK really good and did some amazing things in the graphics department.

The issue I have with this remake, however, is right there in the name – REMAKE. This is not a Final Fantasy 7 redux, where the game remains the same game you played in 1997 but everything has been polished and updated with the latest and greatest technology. Like the recent glut of horrible Disney films, this is a REMAKE. It is not the original game! Same characters, same basic story line, same general premise, but it is not the same game and that prospect is disheartening. Those of you who have watched both the original Disney film and then the subsequent remake may notice, as I have, that the magick of the original is sorely lacking in these remakes-nobody-asked-for. Sure they look prettier with their up to date computer generated graphics and their big name actors and actresses, but they lack something from their original animated counter parts. I can’t put my finger on exactly what that something is though. Some would say “heart”, some would say “character”, I might say “imagination”.

Lets look at the trailer for the new remake of The Lion King:

Right off the bat we who have seen the original know the story has changed. How? Because the trailer starts with a quote that isn’t in the original animated movie. This is NOT the same movie my wife and I went to see on our first date! This is a DIFFERENT MOVIE. This isn’t the first time Disney has done this either. One of the females who reads my blog had made a post about the changes that were made to the remake of Beauty and the Beast that essentially broke the movie for her. They changed the character of Belle and broke her connection with the character.

A couple of years ago when the first spot of video appeared for the FF7 remake questions began to arise about the plausibility of certain scenes in the game being recreated in today’s political environment, particularly the scene of Honeybee Inn, a seemingly gay bath house.

Another scene involves our protagonist, Cloud Strife, dressing up as a girl in order to save Tifa, who has been abducted and taken into what appears to be a brothel.

Funny how in 1997, at the games release, no one cared about these scenes because they were just part of the game and, overall, pretty innocuous and funny. They still are!

However, given today’s political environment and with so many SJW’s on the prowl it has been suspected for quite a while, that neither of these scenes would even make it into an redux of the game, much less a complete remake. Sure enough, before the game is even close to being done, the SJW’s have come out of the wood work over, of all things, the character Barrett:

Now I know for sure that the original FF7 did not have voice acting, but the FF7 movie, Advent Children, DID have voice acting and the voice used in this remake is very similar to the voice in AC. He’s also written as a gruff man with a friggin’ cannon for a hand! Remember in the movie Up! how the one dog who was the leader of the pack, a doberman pinscher, had a broken voice module and his voice sounded like a squeaky little rats? Yeah, it was funny because it didn’t fit his character OR his look! Once fixed we found that the dogs actual voice was very menacing, and that very much fit his character. The voice given to Barrett FITS HIS LOOK AND CHARACTER!

Then we have this bunch of trash where people are concerned (legitimately) about a major change to the bust size of the character of Tifa to avoid any issues with whiny SJW’s who hate things of beauty. (safe for work link)

Now sure it might seem weird to complain about boob reduction in a video game, but Tifa was originally made with a specific look AND a specific feature. To boot, the size of Tifa’s bust was never really featured in the original anyway, since most of the graphics consisted of boxy, squared characters! The glory of her figure was only fully realized in very short pre-rendered cut scenes, but this doesn’t change the fact that it was ONE of her defining features, along with many others from her clothing to her hair to her fighting prowess! That means nothing to SJWs, though, who abhor femininity, beauty and anything that makes them feel shame or, in some cases, makes men happy.

Given the current environment of censorship, particularly from Sony, on who’s gaming console this remake will likely be an exclusive, its a very valid concern when talking about making changes to well known and loved character traits. I would be just as angry about it if they took the character of Yuffie, a skinny tomboy ninja girl, and gave her some buxom, Tifa-esque body!

Overall I hope things go well for this game and that Square Enix doesn’t screw the pooch by caving to the threats of SJW’s, who will either not play the game because they weren’t going to anyway or who will play the game because they are fans and want the experience of it! In the grand scheme of things SE has been fairly resistant to making changes for the sake of social justice, as has most of Japan, but SE is a big Japanese company with whom a lot of game developers are reliant on for approval. Since Sony has started censoring, who knows who will follow.

The days of wishing for a good, HD re-release of the beloved Final Fantasy 7 are now in the past, and the future is barreling toward us in full high definition, changes wanted or not.

FF7 is not my favorite game in the series, but it is one of my favorites and a milestone in gaming history.

Let’s hope it’s not a doom train on the track.