Mona Lisa smile? Yes, but that’s about it….

Along with Facebook I have an account at, a Facebook alternative that doesn’t censor content, even allowing adult content, so long as it is marked as ‘adult’. It’s an interesting space, and seems to have a lot of great news and insight as well as some of the craziness of the internet.

One group I have subscribed to features daily images of cute girls and for the most part their picks are spot on. All of the ladies featured are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes (though always healthily thin) in a wide array of hair and skin colors.

What I have noticed, however, and that is how so many of these beautiful women think they are augmenting their beauty by various piercings about the face and body, and covering themselves with superfluous tattoos.

Take a look at this lovely lady:

redheaded beauty

The epitome of loveliness…..if it weren’t for that stupid piece of metal shoved through her nose! Also, notice she has DOUBLE SHOULDER/THROAT TATTOOS?!?!?! Seriously! What is that? Overall she’s not done that bad, from this angle, but from what I can see I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sporting a full back tat, a sleeve and other various ‘improvements’ that we can’t see. The reason I wouldn’t be surprised is because so many of the other lovely ladies like herself have them!

What possesses young ladies to do this to themselves? For so long now women have been feeding into each other women the whole ‘my body, my choice’ narrative, which has lead them to making some pretty bad decisions in life. This coupled with the fact that there is almost always going to be some alpha bad-boy out there willing to have a night of fun with them as well as beta slouches who will pick them up and care for them even after they have damaged themselves, there is no impetus for modern women to keep themselves looking beautiful. When you don’t have to worry about what you look like to get sex and provision then you don’t worry about what you look like to get sex or provision!

It makes me sad. Sad to see that American women of the modern generation are uglifying themselves at an alarming rate. I know its not everywhere, but the fact that it has gained as much traction as it has is just as frightening as it is saddening.

“…not to condemn the world…” (but to virtue signal?)

Saw this posted on the FB of a popular Christian band, whom I happen to like. Take a moment. Read it. Let it soak in.


Now, let me ask a question of my fellow Christians out there: Do you honestly know of any other Christian that is actively working to ‘condemn the world’? Maybe its just me, but this note (I don’t know if it was made by a band member or someone else) seems to me like virtue signaling of the worst kind.

“Imagine if his followers were like that too…”

Imagine if his followers were not caving in to feminism, egalitarianism, mysticism and al the other -isms and -cisms out there, but instead were obedient to scripture and rid the church of such sins and sin-followers, rather than acquiescing to them and allowing them to dilute the church! Instead messages like this post make it seem like calling someone out on their sinful behavior is wrong for Christians.

Or maybe I’m just reading it wrong.

Conflicting Messages: Shatter Me, Hold My Heart

Women receive conflicting messages from the most unlikely of places, but one of the more prevalent and shameless mediums is the music industry. Because of this constant barrage of conflicting messages many women have no clue what they want. I am reminded of this today when watching a music video from someone I listen to every so often, Lindsey Sterling.

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Women are Powerless

All across Facebook, WordPress and just about any other social media/blogging sites I see them over and over. Post after post about the power of women. “Man gets owned by female ju-jitsu fighter”, “Time to celebrate the power of women in the workplace”, blah, blah, blah.

I wonder if anyone realizes that if men decided to take it all back, all the “power” that women have, women would be powerless to stop them. In the blink of an eye women would go from having it all to having nothing. Don’t believe me? Just look at the Middle East. If women have such power, why are they still in such subjugation in those countries? Why hasn’t “the power of women” saved them from honor killings, or beatings or being raped?

I certainly don’t wish this upon society, but I do think women need an awakening as to THEIR privilege. To the benefits they enjoy from living in a male built society where they are afforded security and opportunity. Where men keep them from being subjugated, hell, where men even keep them from paying the consequences of their actions!

We all know this won’t happen, though.

Hammer and nail

There is an old saying that goes like this:

“When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail.”

Well recently I learned that this can be modified a bit for the modern day:

“When you see everything female as being feminist, everything female becomes feminist”

Last week Dalrock featured a post in which he referenced the newest trailer to the Transformers film franchise. It was abhorrent, feminist trash (like, seriously) and in his post he also refers to the movie Logan and it’s female protagonist.

The next section may contain slight spoilers. I haven’t seen the film, but I am familiar enough with some of the players to speak on them, though you may not want to read anything about it if you haven’t seen the movie.

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Women and the bible (1.2)

I will be making some additional edits to this post, as I feel I strayed off and made the post more about wives than women, though they are one and the same. I need to gather some thoughts together, but I just wanted to make readers aware of this before too long. Check back later.

After a long hiatus and a hospital visit, I’m going to attempt to hop back on the rails and move forward with this series of posts.

In post 1.1 I started by reviewing a little bit of what women AREN’T in the bible.

Point 1: Women are not the epitome of God’s creation.

Allow me to now continue from where I left off.

Point 2: Women are not slaves to their husbands/fathers.

About wives:

Though the relationship between husbands and wives is likened to a “master/servant” relationship the bible does not give husbands the authority to abuse or mistreat their wives any more than it gives masters the authority to abuse or mistreat their servants (you can say ‘slaves’ if you want, the bible uses it to describe both those who were enslaved against their will and those who voluntarily indentured themselves and the word doesn’t have the same knee-jerk meaning it has today).

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FFXIV: Basic Economics

So I don’t understand why people don’t understand. In FF14, as in FF11, you can make items and put them up for sale on a sales board. I have been raking in the gil because of one simple thing:

– Undercutting my prices doesn’t work when you sell a giant lot of items.

For example. I sell an item in a lot of 10 pieces for 2,000 gil each, for a total of 20,000 (+tax, yep, Primal Sam wants his cut of the pie too). Joe Shmoe undercuts my prices by selling the same item for 500 gil each, but in a stack of 99, for a grand total of 49,500 gil! Now if you are a person looking for only a few pieces of said item your not going to dump almost 50,000 gil on a stack of 99 items when all you need is 8. As a result I come home to fresh gil every day, piles of it!

Its basic economics, people, and I failed economics…..