Has Disney already ruined ‘The Incredibles 2’? I hope not.

I am a huge fan of the film ‘The Incredibles’. If you’ve never seen it before you are definitely missing out, as its a throwback not only to superhero films of yesteryear but also pays its respects to the spy film genre by mirroring James Bond quality gadgets and gizmos in its antagonist. It was well voiced, well rendered and is still a marvel of modern computer rendering capabilities.

Suffice to say that after the success of the first film ‘The Incredibles” built up quite a fan base and those fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Though I suppose the official game “Rise of the Underminer” was supposed to be a sequel of sorts (it believe it takes place moments after the end of the first film) Disney/Pixar recently announced a true, movie sequel that immediately excited fans. Following up with a short teaser they revved the fan base up even more!

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I consider my wife to be ‘moderately feminist’. That is to say that, when held up to her other friends, she is pretty tame. She does have one friend who is a full blown, all out Christo-feminist, who goes to church and praises God and talks about the wage gap and how men subjugate women (while smoking weed and drinking and sleeping with men who aren’t her husband). Because of this I use my wife to kind of gauge where the Christian woman culture is at and where it is headed. Though she has her own issues, I see her as the typical Christian woman, or maybe even a bit better than, seeing as how she hasn’t consciously attached herself to the feminist mindset.

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The Cuphead Conspiracy.

Over the thanksgiving weekend my son and I finally finished the fantastic game, Cuphead. If you haven’t read over my review of the game, take a look at it if you find the time. I cannot think of a game in my recent history that has been such a joy to finish. I mean, we literally screamed and jumped when that final hit to satan’s face resulted in the much anticipated “KNOCKOUT” flashing across the screen! Though I think some of the earlier levels were much more brutal, the final boss, ol’ Beelzebub himself, did not disappoint in its difficulty and weirdness!

Now that the game is done (with the exception of replays on….gulp, expert mode) I look back on it, along with my recent play through of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

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Sexual Assault is the Fashion of the Day

Look, women are herd creatures. They tend to follow the popular crowd. That’s why we have things like fashion trends and why, when Ellen or Oprah endorses something the manufacturers can hardly keep up with the demand. When the queen bee gives her stamp of approval on something it suddenly becomes all the rage and nearly everyone who is anyone will jump on board the trend train.

A month or so ago (perhaps a bit longer, time flies, after all) an actress came out and accused a Hollywood big wig of raping her. Since that time we have seen actress after actress after actress AFTER ACTRESS coming forward to tell their story of sexual assault, “predatory behavior” (what even is that?) and rape. I mean, forget that these alleged events took place 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, and that despite these events these ladies continued to work with the alleged perpetrator AND other men accused of the same, or worse. Forget that there is little to no evidence beyond an accusation (though a few of the men accused have stepped forward with admissions of guilt, which will and should be tried in a court of law), and that the accusation is all it is going to take to ruin lives. The last time I checked our justice system didn’t convict on hearsay but on a preponderance of evidence. But it is precious snowflake, holier-than-god women we are talking about here, and (some) cute ones at that, so also know that stuff like evidence and facts are not necessarily required to “convict” a guy.

I’m all for sexual predators getting justice. If a guy genuinely committed a crime then, guess what, he should go to jail. No I don’t think he suffer the worstest penalty ever in the history of the planet because he sexually assaulted a lady. Why would I? Women have so devalued their sexuality and innocence that an actual crime against these virtues is now no surprise or shock. The number of false accusations and women convicted of rape themselves, particularly women teachers, has normalized rape and sexual assault from a crime that draws sharp breaths from the community into one that barely draws a “meh”. I understand it certainly is devastating to the victims of the crime (Unless they were school boys, then its not a big deal and the criminal doesn’t need to spend the rest of their lives in jail, just a year plus community service), but the fact that these women put themselves in the position to allow this to happen (yes, I just said that) makes their victimhood suspect.

“Hey, cutie, come with me, alone, into this hotel room. I ‘just want to talk'”

“Okay, all you ladies line up and take your clothes off.”

“Yeah, baby, Ill make sure you win an Oscar, just drop your panties.”

If these statements don’t come off as lending to the possibility of something relating to sex is about to go down then these women are much more vapid than I thought.

Accusations of sexual assault and rape are all the rage these days, dearie! Everybodies got one! Hurry up and make sure you get yours before they go out of style!

Back to the Beginning.

So after thinking some things over and talking to a few people I find that I have little hope for the churches of the West. Protestant churches can’t get their act together with scripture and nobody seems to care about it or agree on what can be done to fix it.

I talked with a co-worker and my sister this morning (my sister is the secretary of the office) and I posed a question to my sister about head coverings. The point wasn’t so much about the head coverings itself, but more about why are Christians so averse to scripture that can easily be understood as literal scripture. The verses in question are 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. My question posed to her was this: “If this is a literal piece of scripture, that is, if Paul is saying that, in the churches of God women should cover their heads while they pray and men should not cover their heads because this is dishonorable, why is the idea of head coverings so offensive?”. Now, again, the question really wasn’t about head coverings, but about the fact that the scripture itself, the words in the bible, seem to indicate that head coverings MEAN SOMETHING in the church of God, and that Paul says the covering or uncovering (female or male) should be observed, why, when I point this out, are people (men and women) offended by it?

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No Answer….

Guess I’m on a roll today.

So my wife and I are at odds about something. A week or so ago, on a Saturday morning, our house flooded. We were out camping with her church when the kids called around 8am and, since she wanted to stay at the campground and help cook, I left my wife there and headed back to the house, which was only a few miles away from the local lake we were staying at. I called our insurance company right away and got the ball rolling to get the situation handled.

Suffice to say it has been a rough week and a half. It wasn’t too bad, but the water was removed, fans and dehumidifiers placed in the home and holes drilled into the walls to aid in drying. Though my kids stayed in the house (their rooms are upstairs) the wife and I were able to get the insurance company to pay for a hotel room for a few days, which helped.

Fast forward, the insurance adjuster has yet to visit, citing that she needed to wait until the cleanup crew needed to be completely finished with cleaning and drying the house before she could come in and make an assessment of the damage and then a estimate of the cost for repairs. She was supposed to be here last Friday, but called me with the preceding information and we agreed to instead meet on Monday. Monday rolled by and I didn’t see or hear from her until late in the day. She said her notes indicated we were supposed to “get in touch” on Monday and that we could meet Tuesday afternoon. That was fine with me. She said she would be driving in from up North, I assume because she is up there working on all the issues they have had with the fires in Northern CA the past few weeks, of which there was a lot of damage.

Well, my wife was having none of that. She informed me that SHE felt the lady was being unprofessional about not showing up earlier and not being here on Monday, so she was going to issue a formal complaint to the insurance company.

I told her not to. To leave it alone because she was not in the loop to begin with and the lady was only late by one day, if she was late at all.

Didn’t matter. “I’m not arguing.”, she told me. “I’m a part of this too and I can make my own decisions.”

Frustrated I got back to my office and talked to my dad a little about it. His answer to the problem?

“I don’t have an answer.”

The answer SHOULD be, “He is your husband, you need to be obedient and do what he is telling you.”, but it CAN’T be that.

I said something about rules and he told me that he wasn’t sure “setting up rules for your wife is such a good idea”. I asked him “why not”, I mean, we set up rules for finances and all that, why not “don’t mess with the insurance company since you have no idea what’s going on” rules?

I don’t even know where to go to from here.

Sorry, there’s a lot going on in my life right now, I guess. If you get tired of it, read my short review of the game Xenogears.