Oh, Sweet Jeebus….

Since I’m on a bit of a roll with old TV shows and movies, check this one out, playing on Watch Comet:

Think they would remake this now? They probably would, but it would probably be an NC-17 film.


I DO Love Lucy (Something you will probably never see again in your lifetime).

For Christmas my daughter bought my wife the entire series collection of the ‘I Love Lucy’ show on DVDs and it is THICK. There must be 20 discs in the box! To date it has been fun to re-watch all the episodes, as I am a big fan of Lucy to begin with (she’s part of the reason I have a slight obsession with redheads).

Its been interesting to watch the show in the modern era, as many people would probably consider it to have helped usher in modern feminism, or, perhaps, to have already been a by-product of early feminism, and I would agree with them if not for the fact that the show is comedy fiction. Its one of the reasons why comic book movie and sci-fi movie “action girls” don’t really bug me: They are works of fiction. So long as they are understood as works of fiction then I don’t have a problem with them, but when we ignore reality to make fiction seem like the norm I take issue. In the same way we understand that none of us will ever fly like Superman, have heat vision or be invulnerable to physical attack we should understand that the girl in the movie who weights 120 lbs and looks damn sexy in leather throwing a 300 lb man into the wall is not reality, nor should it be taught as such (and that is where the Western world is failing).

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Dissidia NT Beta: First Impressions

I spent some time over the weekend with Square Enix’s Dissidia NT open beta. Now, if you are new to my page you might not know that I absolutely love the earlier, PSP games Dissidia and Dissidia 012 (the same game, really). I have been looking forward to an updated version or at least a console version for many years and was really excited when I saw the arcade release of Dissidia Final Fantasy in Japan. With the understanding that it would never see a Western release in arcade form, I eagerly awaited a console release.

The news of the PS4 version, Dissidia NT, has been out for quite a while and, finally, I got to take a stab at it myself before the actual release date at the end of this month.

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Nintendo Labo. The Future, Is NOW!

I started gaming on an Atari 2600 with a paddle and a single button joystick. Today I saw something that brought me so much joy I nearly can’t contain it:

Yes, Nintendo is letting you build your gaming peripherals from cardboard, and it looks AMAZING! I mean, there’s a guy wearing a cardboard power suit, that works!


Let that sink in for a second!

This is why Nintendo will always win out for innovation, and is a HUGE…no…is THE driving force behind gaming technology!


On “Deserving” things….

Thinking about my post from last week, Never Enough, I started thinking about the word “deserve”. “Deserve” is a very powerful word. A lot of people feel they “deserve” something in life, whether it be money, a better place in society or simple to be “treated better” by someone else.

When we claim we “deserve” something what we are really saying is that something is owed us. We assume that we have done something to merit being owed that which we feel we deserve. Often times, when we examine ourselves, we will find that we, in fact, are not owed what we are assuming we are.

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Was it all a dream? (FFvXV)

Rumor has it that the entirety of Final Fantasy XV was little more than the dreams of the protagonist, and that a Final Fantasy Versus XV is on its way. The story of FFXV actually stems from it’s origin of Final Fantast Versus XIII, which was never released. In its place the FFXIII we know now was released and the original was retooled for XV. Supposedly this newer ‘Versus’ version will keep the combat system, party system and most of the main characters, with certain other important characters removed and replaced with their original concepts (Stella). Other game elements, like the Kingsglaive, will be removed entirely.

The hint, they say, is the final game logo, which displays the protagonist, Noct and his love, Lunafreya, SLEEPING…..

If this is the case there are going to be a lot of irritated people out there. One thing you don’t do is mess with the numbered, main line FF games. Though I am what I would consider a bit of a series fanatic something like this, to me, is interesting, though very risky. To others it will be a deal breaker and they will likely give up on the series altogether.