You’re telling me that OLD SCHOOL FF7 TIFA in her OLD outfit, running, punching and BRAWLING made it into Dissidia NT, but for FF7R she needed modifications according to the ethics department?

How many ethics departments does SE have?

Was the one that approved this out on break when they brought in Tifa for FF7?

And which one will be around for the OTHER elements of FF7R that need “ethics approval”?

I know that nobody from SE will EVER read my blog, but if they could I would tell them to abandon the idea and concept of an ethics department if they want to continue making games that their FANS enjoy.

Again, the complaint from me is not so much Tifa’s clothing or bust size but more about the concern that firstly there is a department who is already changing things in a game remake based on their concept of what is “ethical” which means certain elements that are familiar and loved will be changed or removed AND, now, that this ethics department either doesn’t communicate with each other or is not consistent which means even more screw ups along this LONG JOURNEY that will be the FF7 Remake! Remember, this game is going to be a continued series of episodes, which means each episode is going to have to be developed and reviewed, and what is fine and okay today might not be in six months!

Only time will tell, but to me the release of Tifa to Dissidia NT, unmodified from her original FF7 outfit and seemingly unaffected by ethics, is a tell tale sign of people who are not communicating, which could produce problems for future titles, or for the future of one of the biggest and most sought after games in the past thirty years.

Beyond that, I’m glad to have Tifa back in Dissidia.