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DT – Character Bios


The great demon known as Abraxas once stormed through the multiverse, destroying and consuming with reckless abandon. Hundreds if not thousands of worlds fell to its hunger until, finally, the highgod stepped in. So great was the demons power that even the highgod himself struggled to subdue him! So it was that after a time the highgod weakened the demon enough that he was able to bind him into an orb of magick crystal and, with other business to attend to, the demon was stored away in a dimensional pocket, the orb bound in place by chains of mana.

After being trapped for countless millennia the demon starves to death, it’s lifeless corpse still encased in crystal. Forgotten by the highgod the chains of mana combined with the magickal power of the demons body transformed the orb into the planet so named for the demon, Abraxas.

Though dead, some of the demons essence still lingers deep within the demons husk. Coming into contact with some of this residual power is what will one day taint the heart of the highgods son, Dageus, and lead to the war between the gods.

Sonja Volkva

Before the incident that transformed her into the twins Sonja Red and Sonja Black, Sonja Volkova was a young girl turned military weapon. Born after the reformation of the Soviet Union, Sonja Volkova grew up the only child of a high ranking government official. Her mother having died during childbirth, her father was extremely protective of her, and possessed the power and influence to give her a well-protected and sheltered life. Unfortunately this also lead to Sonja growing into a spoiled brat. This attitude, combined with budding psychic abilities, made her dangerous, but her father shielded her from government intervention. Eventually the military would use her fathers descent into alzheimer’s disease to wrangle her into control and use her abilities as part of the Red Wolf Brigade, a super-powered special forces unit.

Eventually Sonja would run across Snapper and the two would start a love-hate relationship, communicating psychically with one another until her final decision to leave the RWB and join him in his plans for world domination. A snipers bullet on the battlefield would end her life, but Snappers newfound skill in the magickal arts would, somewhat, bring her back.

Sonja Red/Black

Sonja (postDeath)
Two bodies, One Soul. Sonja Volkova became Sonja Red and Sonja Black.

The result of a botched reRaise spell, the two humaan known as Sonja Red and Sonja Black are the separated body but combined soul of the woman once known as Sonja Volkova. Though able to act independently of one another they are inexplicably the same person. An extremely powerful psychic Sonja tends to shun magick in favor of her own abilities. Rumor has is that the failed spell has turned her into some type of undead, but this has not been confirmed. Despite having two separate bodies, the twin girls share one mind and often finish each others sentences, thoughts and ideas, but often with completely different attitudes.

Sonja Red - G2F test
Sonja Red

Sonja Red
The free-spirited, right minded half of Sonja, Red is loud, somewhat obnoxious and very girly. She tends to deliver quick and flashy attacks while in combat, and has a mouth that runs a million miles a minute. She favors the katana version of Slash and can often be seen wielding one in each hand. Despite being the same person, she often annoys Sonja Black to no end and has the personality of a drunk cheerleader.








Sonja Black - G2F test
Sonja Black

Sonja Black
The seriously tactical left minded half of Sonja, Black is deadly serious about just about everything and seems to get annoyed by Red quite often. Lethal in combat she delivers calculated and debilitating strikes, most often using the gunblade version of Slash. Red thinks of her as a ‘stick in the mud’, but together they form one of the most deadly forces on the multiverse.








Sonja is extremely loyal to Snapper and shares his desire to conquer the gods of Abraxas, even to the high god himself. Combined the two make up one mind and soul, commonly finish each other sentences. During combat they form a fluid fighting team and often swap in and out of combat seamlessly (think tag-team). Sonja has a distinct hatred of Lilith, the succubus, whom she knows desires Snapper. Though she could likely kill her outright, she enjoys the competition, fully aware that Snapper would never part from her.


The dark heated Dageus.

Once a being of light, the first created being, Dageus is the son of the highgod, a piece of his fathers essence broken off formed into a man. Now called ‘The Dark Hearted’, he seeks to overthrow the other gods and reclaim his rightful place as the heir to the planet and then to kill his father. He is cold, calculating and a deceiver, but never to be trusted.

The first son was once the most heralded being on all of Abraxas but a run in with a leftover fragment of the great demons essence tainted his once holy soul and turned him into an agent of evil. His blood, spilled upon the bodies of the Ancients transformed them into the fearsome Ogiir, the children of Dageus. Once hell-bent on killing his father, his focus has now been turned towards the alien invader, Snapper, whom he hates with a passion, if only because they share the same goal – the death of the highgod.

When banished from Abraxas he left behind The Black Hand, one of the gauntlets from his own personal armor, as well as Deaths Wing, one of his most favored spears.


Lilith – Queen of the succubi and concubine of Dageus.


The current queen of the succubi, Lilith is concubine to Dageus and a driving force behind his ongoing campaign to destroy his friends and father. With an unquenchable thirst for power she constantly pushes him forward, reminding him of his failures and his fall from grace, then slaking his anger with sexual pleasures that she may remain by his side at his final rise to power. Though in previous millennia she has been faithful only to Dageus, the arrival of a new, more powerful being has piqued her interest – the one known as Snapper.

Lilith is a succubus which makes her naturally hungry for power and sex, and giving her the physical attributes to take both from pretty much any male she wants. She has a very distinct hatred for Dageus’s wife, Asurin, but has recently found herself in conflict with Sonja. Unlike Dageus she is not bound to Nirvana, but can travel freely between the primary and heavenly planes. This makes her an invaluable tool to Dageus, who has come close to ending her life on more than one occasion. Along with all that trouble she must also contend with six sisters who’s eyes are set on the throne of Hel, where the succubi currently rule.



Wife and companion to Dageus, Asurin, the holy goddess, was formed from the essence of the highgod, the second created being to inhabit Abraxas. Before the heart of Dageus was tainted by the darkness she was a quiet and submissive servant, who’s sole purpose was to tend to her husband, but since his fall she has become focused on his downfall, as it does not seem he can be turned away from evil. She is a reluctant warrior goddess, unsuited for war, but wholly committed saving her beloved elvaan and, if possible, all the denizens of Abraxas. She relies heavily on the support of the other gods of light, and looks forward to the day when either her husband has fallen or the highgod returns, hopefully putting an end to the madness.


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