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DT – Abraxas Timeline

Order of Events: Abraxas Timeline

    1. The Highgod battles the great demon Abraxas and defeats him, entrapping his body into a crystal orb. He puts the orb into a pocket between dimensions and binds it with chains of mana. He then leaves to tend to business elsewhere.
    2. Abraxas sits in his prison for many thousands of years until, finally, he dies. As his corpse rots within his crystalline prison, the mana that binds the orb begins to transform it, turning into a large planet. The four elements form from the sea of mana and begin to battle each other for dominance.
    3. The Highgod returns after many more thousands of years to find       his transformed prisoner, and takes interest in his discovery. He descends to the surface of the newly formed planet and forces the elements into submission. He spreads the earth across the water, forming continents and oceans and spreads the air element throughout the void, creating the sky. The fire element, however, he trapped beneath the earth, for it was vain and sought only to consume everything.
    4. Happy with what he had done, he knows the elements will fall into disarray once he leaves. To help combat this, he breaks off a small piece of his essence and creates a being in his likeness. He calls the being Dageus, which means ‘he that is like me’ in an ancient tongue. He charges his son with the task of keeping the planet in balance, and returns to the ethers.
    5. For thousands more years Dageus wanders the land, always keeping the four elements at bay, but as time passes he becomes lonely and bored.       More and more often he travels away from Abraxas and into the cosmos, and each time he does, the elements again begin to rage.
    6. The Highgod returns and finds the elements once again at war.       He admonishes his son, but feels pity for his loneliness. To help alleviate the problem he decides to create Dageus some friends.       Again breaking his essence, he creates three additional children. The first, a woman he calls Asurin, is to be Dageus’s closest friend and wife. The second, a man he calls Morgawr, to be as a brother and confidant. The third a woman to be as a friend to Asurin named Gaia. To each he gives a task that will help keep the balance of Abraxas in check, and again he leaves into the ethers.
    7. For thousands of years the planet and the gods are in balance and harmony. Dageus keeps the elements in check while Asurin keeps him company.       Morgawr, having been given the task of maintaining the flows of mana throughout the cosmos, discovers how to manipulate its flow and creates magick. In time he teaches his findings to the others. Gaia spends her time forming the land, creating mountains, valleys hills and peaks. All is well for a time.
    8. Morgawr, ever curious, discovers strange sparks within some flows of mana that seem to follow and react to him. After some research he finds that these are, in fact, living souls that had somehow formed in the mana stream. He collects them over time and has them assist him with his daily work and eventually shares them with the others, presenting them as gifts.
    9. Gaia finds that by combining earth with the soul sparks along with other magick, she is able to give the sparks physical form. She uses her newfound knowledge to create many animals and creatures, as well as the trees and grass. When she shares her findings with the others, they each set about to create. Asurin and Dageus create small beings, similar to themselves. These beings are now referred to as ‘the Ancients’. Morgawr enlists Gaia to help him create a grand creature, unlike any other on Abraxas. Together they create what Morgawr calls dragon. The great beast is called Bahamut, and he would be king of all beasts. As a gift to her dear friend, Gaia creates for Asurin the unicorn, the purest and most holy of all the creates, and Asurins greatest treasure.
    10. During one of his many outings, Dageus travels within the planet itself and encounters the corpse of the great demon, Abraxas.       Though he has been dead these many millenia, his evil heart still retains some of the dark power it once possessed. Dageus himself becomes infected with evil and begins his descent into madness.       It would still be many years until his final fall, but this once incident would forever change the planet.
    11. For the past hundred years the infection in Dageus’s heart has been growing and he has become increasingly dark. During one particular evening gathering he becomes angry with Asurin and physically assaults her. Gaia tries to shield her from Dageus’s anger, but he attacks her first and pushes her away. During their scuffle Asurin scratches his face with her fingernails and his blood spills upon some of Gaia’s creatures. The dark energy it possesses transforms the creatures, and monsters are born. Some of his blood also falls upon the gathering of Ancients, and those who are touched by it have their hearts darkened in kind, and these become the children of darkness, the Ogiir. Ashamed and angry, Dageus runs to hide in the mountainous wastelands, the dark skinned Ogiir follow. The Ancients that stay behind and tend to Asurins wounds touch her blood, and these become the children of light, the Elvaan. Those that are left behind follow Gaia, and become the dwarvaan people. Gaia gathers Asurin and the Elvaan together and tells them to hide in the deepest, darkest forest of her creation, and promises them that they would forever have kinship with the trees, and they would help to keep them safe.
    12. Many times Morgawr goes to visit Dageus, in an attempt to dissuade him from his dark ways, but the evil in his heart has grown far too great. Dageus indicates that he has no intention of stopping until Asurin and her Elvaan are destroyed, and Morgawr finally realizes that his friend has been forever lost.
    13. Time again passes, and as Dageus sits and pouts his lust gets the best of him. Intent on tricking them, he sends a messenger to set up a formal dinner with the other gods to discuss matters. During the meeting he gets his friends drunk on powerful Ogiir spirits and takes advantage of Asurin. She becomes pregnant and later gives birth to the two children Sol       and Mu. Later, Morgawr would take the pair as his understudies in the ways of magick, and they would create the two schools of magick upon Abraxas. In their drunken state, Morgawr and Gaia lay together and she too becomes pregnant. She would later give birth to her sons Crom (the great warrior) and Tyr-Kashin (keeper of the dead). Satisfied that his animal cravings have been taken care of, Dageus leaves and returns to his mountainous home.
    14. Dageus mounts a massive attack against Asurin and the Elvaan and manages to cut them off from the forest. The ensuing battle kills thousands on both sides, leaving each fallen soul to wander aimlessly about Abraxas. It is decided amongst the gods of good, that the son of Gaia, Tyr-Kashin, should lead the lost souls to a final resting place.
    15. Crom, now the lord of battle, has taken a liking to the dwarvaan and has become their patron god. With his help and the ingenuity of their kind, they learn to forge iron and steel. Having no time for the learning of magick, Crom convinces his mother to create a metal infused with the power of mana, and working with Morgawr, she gives them mythril. Crom, being a neutral god, shares the skill of forging metal with the Ogiir, but he knows that Gaia would never give anything like Mythril to Dageus.       Instead he shows Dageus how he thinks Gaia created the magickal metal and Dageus creates Ogirri black iron, a similar metal instead full of dark energy.
    16. As a gift to his fellow gods, Crom enlists Morgawr and the Dwarvaan to forge each of them a magickal weapon. His own skills unmatched by but the greatest Dwarvaan blacksmiths, Crom, in his pride, also creates a cache of weapons for Dageus and his growing army of gods and goddesses.
    17. For hundreds of years the battle between the Elvaan and the Ogiir wages on, but with neither side gaining a foothold over the other.       Desperate and angry, Dageus approaches Tyr-Kashin and pleads with him to use the dead to aid him against the Elvaan. Against the idea at first, Dageus convinces Tyr-Kashin with promises of power and a place amongst the gods above Crom and even before Gaia. Tyr-Kashin gives Dageus power over legions of the undead and the tide of battle rushes swiftly into the hands of the dark.
    18. As the armies of the undead lay waste to the Elvaan forces, Asurin transforms her beloved unicorn into the powerful Unak’Ga, the unicorn man warrior. With their powerful holy magick they seem to be a formidable foe for the undead, and finally the Elvaan and Dwarvaan forces have a way to combat the armies of walking dead. Tyr-Kashin, seeing his warriors lost , sets out to create something to destroy the unicorn, and creates the creature simply called The Beast, an unstoppable force of darkness capable of wiping out entire armies within seconds and often destroying Elvaan and Ogiir alike. Tyr-Kashin himself fears the creature, and knows that he cannot maintain control over it, so he allows it to run rampant across Abraxas, killing thousands upon thousands and destroying Unak’Ga one by one.
    19. At some time during the war, The Beast battles with one of Asurin’s unicorn and, rather than killing it, infects it with evil, turning it into the dark horseman, Dar’dhaka. As evil as the unicorn are good, the Dar’dhaka begins a campaign of destruction and unspeakable evil. Able to spawn from any female, the number of Dar’dhaka increase at an alarming rate, turning the tide of war back into favor of Dageus.
    20. Asurin, angry beyond belief at Ty-Kashin, confronts him about his creation. When she learns of the corruption of her beloved unicorn she flies into an angry rage and attacks and kills him. She then takes his sword and banishes it to another dimension.
    21. The Highgod, after a long time away, returns and finds his little experiment gone awry. He becomes angry with his children and punishes them, then banishes them into the cosmos, forbidding them from setting foot on Abraxas for a thousand millennia. Unable to directly interact with their children, each of the gods appoints an avatar to watch over them, and bestows them with powerful gifts.       Complete in their task and ready for their punishment, they leave and to go the place prepared for them by the Highgod, their new home, Nirvana.
    22. A group of unlikely heroes is given a task by the gods to hunt down and destroy the creature called The Beast. Using the great sword Ragnarok, forged by Crom himself, they succeed in vanquishing the creature, with all but one hero having been turned to stone by the Beasts final attack.
    23. For another hundred years the Elvaan forces wage war against the Ogiir. Without direction, however, the legions of undead begin to run amok, killing forces on both sides. The focus of the war shifts and the Ancient war now turns into the Morgul war, as both the Elvaan and Ogiir forces try, in vain, to stem the tide of undead flowing out of the many Morgul gates that dot the land.       All seems lost until a mysterious new force of metal clad warriors known as the Reptilian Guard appear.       With powerful weapons that fuse both magick and technology, they begin to wipe out the undead and close the gates. Their leader, a mutant cyborg named Snapper, is powerful beyond belief, and wields the sword of Tyr-Kashin.
    24. The one known as Snapper, along with his wives, Sonja, systematically destroy the Morgul gates with the help of the demon sword, Slash. Snapper, however, has an ulterior motive, and has begun searching for a doorway that will lead him to the god-plane of Nirvana. In the meantime, a powerful army of crystalline soldiers has descended from the outer cosmos, but from whence they came, no one knows.
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