So news has been making rounds on the internet lately about something people noticed in the video’s of the upcoming FF7 remake and it’s got people riled up. Naturally most games journalism sites and other news sites are calling this controversy “silly” and are painting it as something only filthy neckbeard gamers are complaining about, but they would say this because gaming journalism sites and news outlets hate both video games and gamers.

The issue stems from the changes to the body shape of the character, Tifa. Yes, I noticed it to: They reduced her breast sized greatly in the remake.

Tifa in original FF7 (PS1) Cutscene

Tifa in FF7 Remake Trailer

Don’t get me wrong, she still looks amazing and I’m glad they didn’t try to fatten her up or make her into some kind of weird feminist icon, but personally the change irritates me. Though her bust size was not her most defining feature, Tifa’s chest was a fan favorite (as can be witnessed by doing a simple search on any search engine for “FF7 Tifa” with the safesearch feature turned off), and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Surprise, young men like thin, big chested women who can beat the crap out of robots and monsters in their games and anime!

Game creator Tetsuya Nomura claims that her chest “needed to be restricted” because she is a brawler and she needed a more athletic look. Because everyone knows that having a buxom broad as a brawler is CRAYZEEE, right?


Tifa was a brawler in the original and in every iteration she has been presented since. It was part of her original design, as was her ample bosom. She was large enough to be bouncy in the PSP versions of Dissidia. She seemed fine in Advent Children despite wearing a pretty restrictive outfit. No, her chest size has never caused her a problem with punching in the past.

No. I think the real reason is revealed when we look fully at Nomura’s explanation:

….Square Enix’s ethics department pointed out that she shouldn’t look “unnatural” in a fight, which meant the team had to reduce her chest size.

Yes, that’s right. An “ethics department”. This department decided that Tifa’s chest was too big and that it should be reduced.

So are big busted women unethical?

What else did this department determine was “unethical” in the game?

See, gamers are complaining because, to many, FF7 was their first exposure to the RPG genre and their first exposure to the Final Fantasy series. It was a flagship title on the PS1 and it was a technological marvel for its time. I would think that a majority of gamers would agree that FF7 is single-handedly responsible for the rise of the RPG genre in the West, which was more of a niche market before it arrived. They have fond memories of ALL the games characters, and changing those up is a recipe for disaster.

What if they decided to change Cloud’s iconic hair?

Or if they decided to make Barrett a white guy?

What other “current year offenses” will they change by the time they are done?

The game includes a cross-dressing Cloud who has to charm his way into a brothel to save Tifa. It also includes a humorous scenario in a gay bathhouse.

Will these make the cut? If so, what changes will be made to them in order to make them “ethical”?

The real problem is that, once again, fans of something are seeing that something changed for no good reason.

You cannot go changing something that people have been a fan of for 20+ years and expect them to just shrug it off. Trust me, fans would be complaining just as loudly if Cloud’s hair style was changed.

Something in my gut tells me that the SquareEnix “ethics department” is comprised of some very jealous, very flat-chested women, and god forbid men get to enjoy something as nice as a big busted woman.