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A mash up of gaming, religion, music and wooden weapons in one nice little package.


SnapperHeaderSnapperTrx is a guy from Central California who has too many interests and not enough time on his hands. When not working to provide for his family he can normally be found playing Final Fantasy related games, creating 3d artwork, cutting out wooden weapons or working on his paper based RPG, ‘Destructive Tendencies’. He is a Christian who believes the bible means what it says and loves the United States, for all it’s struggles and downfalls. He invites anyone and everyone to have rational, civil discussion over life, love, liberty, God and the best strategy for an eight man party to clear a dungeon. (given a normal 2 tank, 2 healer, 4 dps setup).

His namesake is a giant mutant alligator left over from his high school days of playing the TMNT RPG by Palladium. Normally you might think this odd, but, hello, let me introduce you to the internet….

8 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re doing God’s work in challenging your “church” and wife. Is there any help that fellow men can give you? Email me at address attached if I can be of assistance.

    1. Everyone has been particularly helpful in giving both encouragement and wisdom with regards to the current issue. I appreciate any feedback or comments on any of my posts, not just the one that’s currently the topic. I, like many guys, have been seeing scripture through a lot of different filters most of my life, and as they are removed I, personally, need some direction. My goal is not to make the scripture fit my lifestyle, but to understand the truth of scripture so I can be in line with Gods word. Science and data from various sources, to me at least, seem to affirm both Gods creation and decisions on why He has done what He has done. Pointing me toward any of these is also helpful, which I why I visit sites like Dalrock’s and Deep Strengths. Your simple post is plenty of encouragement. Thanks!

      1. May I kindly offer a suggestion? You could add pages on marriage, family, spiritual epiphanies, and other Red Pill stuff. Thanx~!

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