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DT – The Races of Abraxas


The Elvaan peoples are one of the original master races and were formed when the blood of Asurin, the holy goddess, spilled upon the once shapeless forms of the Ancients. A proud and fierce peoples, they live deep within the forests of Abraxas, receiving special protection from Asurin’s sister, Gaia. Living off the land and the sea, they are deadly warriors with unmatched skill with bow weapons. Their natural affinity to mana makes them powerful magick users as well, but they tend to shy away from the darker arts of necromancy and possession.

Decorated in hides and feathers the Elvaan people receive all they need from the land and the sea, never taking more than they need. They share a special kinship with the children of Gaia, the Dwarvaan, but feel they are too reliant on their machines.

The Elvaan share a mutual hatred with the Ogiir, their dark hearted brethren and children of Asurin’s husband, Dageus. Though they joined forces during the Morgul wars the effort to kill the Ogiir champion was renewed after the Reptilian Guard finished the last of the morgul gates, which had allowed the undead to pour into the primary plane.

When the gods were banished from Abraxas their champion was bestowed with on of the goddesses wings, ripped from her own back, as well as the great sword Seraphim Call.


The Ogiir are kin to the Elvaan, and they were once one and the same. One of the original master races they were formed when the blood of Dageus, the corrupted one, spilled upon the once shapeless forms of the Ancients. A strong and ruthless peoples, they live in the swampy and volcanic geographies of Abraxas, having retreated to these areas while following their god after the breaking up of the Companions. They are greatly skilled with spear and lance weapons from an early age, and their natural affinity to mana makes them powerful magick users. Unafraid of the dark arts, they excel at manipulation and necromancy spells.

The Ogiir have used their magick and the knowledge given to them by Crom to create masterful clothing and armor from stone. Because of their dark lord they share a special kinship with Demonkind, who are often found as their allies.

The Ogiir share a mutual hatred with the Elvaan, their uncorrupted brethren. They see them as a stumbling block to their dark lord taking his rightful place as ruler of the cosmos, as their goddess, Asurin, repeatedly thwarts his attempts to overthrow the highgod. Though they joined forces during the Morgul wars the effort to kill the Elvaan champion was renewed after the Reptilian Guard finished the last of the morgul gates, which had allowed the undead to pour into the primary plane.

When the gods were banished from Abraxas the Ogiir champion was bestowed with one of Dageus’s black onyx gloves and his own glaive.


The last of the races formed from the shapeless Ancients, the Dwarvaan are the product of the blood of Gia, sister to Asurin and keeper of the earth. Short in stature, the Dwarvaan are an odd mixture of class and fury. Though prim and proper they are easily coaxed into combat where they rage with the fighting spirit of ten normal warriors. Of all the races of Abraxas, Crom, the warrior god and son of Gaia and Dageus, has loved the Dwarvaan the most, and had previously spent thousands of years in sport combat with them, and it shows. Because of their interest in combat and weaponry, however, they are almost completely unable to use normal magicks, but they are also extremely resistant to them as well.

Because they were unable to use magicks Gia and Crom approached Morgawr and bid him to create something that would allow the Dwarvaan to stand against the dark magick users of both the Ogiir and the demons of Hel. His response was to create the magickally infused metal, mythril. The mythril armor and arms created by the Dwarvaan have been unmatched until the recent arrival of the Reptilian Guard and their own magickally enhanced metal, trillancium. Even still, a Dwarvaan weapon in the hands of a skilled wielder is a fearsome thing.

When the gods were banished from Abraxas, Crom and Gaia left their champion a powerful helm, gauntlets and a massive war axe.

Unak-ga: The Unicorn man

At the height of the Gods war, in which the undead streamed unchecked from Hel onto the primary plane the goddess, Asurin, sent her beloved unicorn onto the field of battle to aid and support the Elvaan and Dwarvaan forces. It was soon found, however, that their current form left them ill equipped to do little more than offer support, particularly since neither the Elvaan or Dwarvaan soldiers could ride them. On a suggestion from Gaia’s son, Crom, Asurin allowed a number of her prized possessions to be given a form similar to that of Elvaan-kind, and the “unicorn man” was created.

Filled with the power of holy the Unak-ga forces tore through the demon forces like razors through paper and for a time the tide of war swung in favor of the forces of light. It wasn’t until Tyr-kasin created the entity known as The Beast that their control of the war started to wane, but they managed to hold a stable position until Tyr-kashin was killed and the Godswar turned into the Morgul wars and control of The Beast was lost.

Fiercely pure they are the embodiment of all that is good in the world. Often teaming up with adventurers, their main goal since the end of the Morgul wars has been to find and destroy the remaining Dar d’haka, whom they hate with a burning passion.

Dar d’haka: The Dark horseman

Thought to be nigh invulnerable Asurins Unak-ga were anathema to the demon forces commanded by her husband, the corrupt god Dageus. Unable to repel their seemingly unrelenting onslaught they seemed on the verge of winning the gods of light the war until Dageus was able to convince the god of death, Tyr-kasin, who had successfully remained neutral, to join forces and utilize the dead in combat. When the power of Abraxas was used to create the force known as The Beast however, the Unak-ga were forced, for the first time, to retreat and recover in battle.

It was during one of these battles that, rather than outright kill one such soldier Tyr-kashin instead found he could infect and corrupt one of Asurins prized possessions using his Beast! This corrupted one became the first Dar d’haka, a horse man infected by Abraxas blood and filled with elemental darkness with power equal to but opposite his uncorrupted brethren. With the ability to infect and impregnate the female of any of the three master races, the single horseman was able to reproduce quickly and soon many of them fought alongside the demon and undead forces, bolstering them while negating the petrifying effects of the Unak-ga’s holy aura.

Hell bent on destruction, the Dar d’haka lives only to kill and maim. They are relentless, but calculating. Fearing nothing now that the Beast has been subdued, they are often found in command of small demon forces which the utilize to find and kill their uncorrupt brethren.


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