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DT Bio: Snapper Gator

Snapper – Pre magitek conversion

Full name: Snapper Gator
Race: Animorph (alligator)
Age: 41
Height: 12.2 ft
Weight: 0 – 6 tons (in current form)
Job Class: RG Highlord (lvl30)

Leader of the alien force Reptilian Guard, Snapper is a mutant alligator animorph from Earth dimension. Once a grunt soldier for the Chinese military, his bloodthirsty nature, unique enhanced abilities and raw psychic strength caused him to rise amongst the ranks until he was almost considered an equal to humans. Snapper, however, had is own plans and as he began to realize his own power, turned his eyes towards world domination, crushing the human race that enslaved him and his kind. That all changed once he acquired Slash, the demon sword of Hel once wielded by the god Tyr-Kashin. His power increasing a hundred-fold he instead turned towards DIMENSIONAL domination by planning the destruction of all the gods of Abraxas, even the highgod himself.

A freak accident with a dimensional teleporter destroyed his original body, but quick thinking by Sonja and RG scientists allowed his soul to be caught in a shard of crystal, which would later be used in conjunction with magitek to form his new body, a hulking mtek beast comprised of trillancium steel. Trillancium being an excellent conductor of mana energy, this further increased his power, and in his current body he has more power than all the other gods of Abraxas combined.

Snapper has a number of unique ‘enhanced abilities’ (super powers) that set him apart from other animorph, primarily his modified Logic Engine ability that, when it activates, enables him to learn every aspect of a skill, making him an instant expert. Unlike others with this ability, however, his does not affect his memory, causing him to retain every mastered skill. Unlike other mtek cyborgs, however, his unique conversion allowed him to retain the ability despite the fact that his physical brain no longer exists.

Stoic and to-the-point, Snapper is a no nonsense leader who seeks to subdue both Earth and Abraxas dimensions, but has been slow about doing it. Not for lack of ability, but because he seeks a showdown with the one being he believes holds a vital key to subduing dimensions beyond – the highgod. The highgod, however, has not returned to check in on Dageus and company since he last appeared and banished them to Nirvana, and if Snapper knows how to find him, he hasn’t let anyone know.

Snapper cares for very little with the exception of Sonja, whom he cares about dearly, and his (second) best friend the half dragon Draxon. His best friend would be the demon sword, Slash, with whom he has a love/hate relationship, as Slash likes to try to talk sense into him from time to time.



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