Curtana, Complete!

With the addition of the blue ‘gems’ on the hilt this relic weapon is complete! It took long enough, but it was fun to do. I WILL make another later, but it will be much later, as I now have three commissions! Finally get to earn a little dough while doing something I enjoy!


You can find more information on my wooden weapon builds and stuff on my Facebook page (see the sidebar).

Final Fantasy Friday XIX

For today’s Final Fantasy Friday you get to look upon the Curtana V2 I finished up this week. Well, its 99.9% done, I just need to add one detail I forgot, but I can’t do that until tomorrow.

48″ long x 9.25″ wide, made of both 3/4″ and 1/4″ poplar wood. Spray painted, coated with triple thick glaze with a paracord wrapped handle, she’s pretty hefty, but oh so fun to swing around. You had better have a strong wrist if you just want to hold her, though.

The little chocobo was purchased from a nice girl on Facebook. Worth every penny.


Week in Review (April 23-29)

Whew, what a busy week despite not having much to do! Did some travel for work, which is always interesting, but also spent a lot of time in the office doing squat. We have some programmable controllers that are not acting right and it is preventing our customer from using their control system the way they are supposed to. I have spent far too many hours troubleshooting, changing the program, troubleshooting, changing the program. At this point I think its a firmware issue that is messing up the sending of data from one device to another, and I don’t think its something we can fix.

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Week in Review (April 16-22)

A lot of travel last week for work, but it was all good as it gave me some extra hours on my time card! Got to listen to some Greg Laurie and Captain Capitalism during the hours on the road (talk about polar opposites, but both are good listening). Had some rain at one job site that left everything drenched and muddy. The dirt out on some of the job sites is super, super fine, almost like baby powder. When it gets wet it sticks to the bottom of your boots like dough, sometimes an inch thick! Since your out in the middle of nowhere there isn’t really a way to get it off, either.

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Twitch, Beam and Facebook – I’ve gone live.

So in the past two weeks I have done a life Facebook feed while working on my latest sword build, opened a Twitch account so I can stream FF15 when I play on Sunday’s and take advantage of the newest addition to the Windows 10 Creators update, Beam integration.

If anyone is interested you can catch my FB feeds via the link to my Facebook page on the sidebar, Fantasy Arms by Paul.jr. Watch in wonder as I try to avoid cutting off my fingers while routing, sanding and cutting swords and other various weapons out of wood! Streaming won’t happen too often, but it will happen, hopefully more as I start to expand my woodworking knowledge and ability, thanks to a local fabrication shop.

Experience some of the wonder of Final Fantasy 15 as I continue my play through on Sunday’s, which I will be streaming to my Twitch account, which I am also adding to the sidebar links. See why I think FF15 is a great achievement both technically and story-wise. In addition I may do some woodworking streaming here, as someone recommended I get involved with the creative community there.

Lastly, but not least…ly (I guess), see why Final Fantasy 14 is probably the most incredible MMO on the planet, and catch some of why Dissidia is my most favorite fighting game ever on my Beam channel, also on the sidebar. I will occasionally be streaming both of these games to Beam, but will also be streaming other SE games from time to time via my emulators. Catch some of the best games you may have never heard of like Einhander, Parasite Even, Brave Fencer Musashi and more!

If you have any suggestions or complaints, let me know, as I am new to all this streaming stuff. I don’t know what I will get out of it other than possibly some gaming and woodworking discussion, which I love anyway. Enjoy!

Fantasy Arms and FF Archive project.

I added a link on the right hand side of the page (under Miscellaneous Links) to my Facebook shop “Fantasy Arms by Paul.jr”. If anyone would be interested in buying anything I make, or if your just interested in seeing me put stuff together please take a look.

Also, I have added, at the top of the page, a new section labelled “Final Fantasy Archive”. Though blank now it will eventually lead to pages containing artwork, info and walkthroughs of Final Fantasy games. All of the information contained is already available online somewhere (just look around, its not tough to find), but these pages will be my own little tribute to the series. Stuff will show up as it is added.

Forming Curtana

Since the temperature around my neck of the woods has taken a drastic drop I decided to work on making a template for the Curtana. For those of you late to the party let it be known that I make wooden swords in my spare time. I do it for a couple of reasons, but mainly because I feel it helps balance out my time on the computer (which I do for work) with something that is NOT computer (or gaming, which I do in my spare time). Secondly I do it because I would like to sell said wooden swords to young men who I think spend way too much time in front of gaming consoles swinging virtual swords when they should be spending some time outside swinging an actual sword (or wooden replica of). Unfortunately I haven’t sold many swords, and have actually considered just giving them away if I could get some crowd-funding going on, but I have yet to try it.

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