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Lilith – Queen of the Succubi


Lilith – Queen of the succubi and concubine of Dageus.

The current queen of the succubi, Lilith is concubine to Dageus and a driving force behind his ongoing campaign to destroy his friends and father. With an unquenchable thirst for power she constantly pushes him forward, reminding him of his failures and his fall from grace, then slaking his anger with sexual pleasures that she may remain by his side at his final rise to power. Though in previous millennia she has been faithful only to Dageus, the arrival of a new, more powerful being has piqued her interest – the one known as Snapper.

Lilith is a succubus which makes her naturally hungry for power and sex, and giving her the physical attributes to take both from pretty much any male she wants. She has a very distinct hatred for Dageus’s wife, Asurin, but has recently found herself in conflict with Sonja. Unlike Dageus she is not bound to Nirvana, but can travel freely between the primary and heavenly planes. This makes her an invaluable tool to Dageus, who has come close to ending her life on more than one occasion. Along with all that trouble she must also contend with six sisters who’s eyes are set on the throne of Hel, where the succubi currently rule.

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