I’ve been awfully quite on the woodworking front lately so I thought I would throw this out there.

Been working on her for a few weeks now, since the release of the FF14 expansion and the introduction of the Gunbreaker job. One of the bonuses for pre-order was an in game glamour item of Squall’s gunblade, the Revolver, from Final Fantasy 8, so I thought I would make one.

This is an initial build, so it has some issues. My subsequent build will be of higher quality and have some modifications I figured out while putting this one together (as is normal). In some particular order:

As usual I cut the blade deco out of vinyl using my Silhouette, and I’m really pining for a bigger model (12×12 AND bluetooth, to boot). For the moment this one is sufficient, but I waste quite a bit of materials since it can only accommodate 8″ wide material but vinyl come in 12″ wide rolls.

This one will go to my nephew, but I hope to sell the next one. We will see. I’ve kind of branched out to a few other social platforms solely for the purpose of hawking my wares, but that means I need buyers.

As always if you want to offer a little support you can buy something or send me a few bucks via Paypay (link on the side bar), which will go toward wood, tape and paint.

Coming up next? The Monstrous Moggle Mogsword! Hope to have it done by Halloween, since it is a little spooky looking!