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DT – Weapons of the Gods

During the first dark era, the time when Dageus began to lash out and attack his wife Asurin and the Elvaan, the demi-god Crom sought to create weapons of great power. Though his original intent was to give his mother and father a means to protect themselves against the dark lords onslaught, his pride quickly got the best of him when he produced some of the most powerful weapons ever created, and continued to produce them and put them into the hands of the very enemy who sought to do his parents harm. All in all there were known to be twelve weapons of great power, each one owned by a god or demi-god, and some of them now in the hands of the gods avatars on Abraxas.

Slash – The Demon Sword of Hel


Certainly not the first of the god-weapons to be created, the sword now known as Slash was created by Crom for his brother, Tyr-Kashin, and utilizes the power of the dead. A massive broadsword, Slash, along with Snapper, was able to obtain the power of the Allweapon, which gives him the ability to take the shape of any weapon in existence, even modern power weapons such as firearms and lasers (though his attacks retain their magickal powers). In addition he can break off pieces of his essence , duplicating himself several times over and allowing those duplicates to be wielded by whomever he please, which is typically Sonja and occasionally Snapper’s right hand half-dragon, Draxon.

Like the other weapons in the pantheon of godlike he is a sentient being and often makes his thoughts and attitude well known via telepathic transmission and the large skull motif along one side of his body, which emotes quite well. He is very confident in his power and even more confident of his power in the hands of his new master, Snapper.

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