Brother’s Etsy Store Up

Hey, all, my brother finally has his Etsy store up and is selling issue 1 of his comic book, “The Hand of Vengeance”, the story of a young girl, brutally murdered, who will have vengeance, one way or another. Its a bit of a supernatural thriller and I enjoyed it (having no idea what the actual story was before I bought the comic book). If your interested in reading it and would like to help out, please visit his store. Both he, and I, would appreciate it!

Bako Comic Co.

Interested in comic books? Interested in supernatural thrillers? If you answered ‘yes’ then allow me to direct your attention to my brothers new comic book page on Facebook! He’s a skilled artist trying to self-publish his own story, and it would be great if you could take a quick look. Who knows, you may see a couple of stories written by yours truly in there as well!



You all know how much I love my Dissidia Final Fantasy, and my heart has been wracked by the fact that Japanese arcades have had the incredible looking arcade version of the latest Dissidia for well over a year now, with no hopes of the machine making it’s way to the states (though I’m sure someone around here has one). Along with most of the main characters from the numbered series (I, II, III, etc.) the latest entry into the Dissidia series also showcases playable characters from the lesser known, un-numbered games Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Type-0.


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SE had confirmed a PS4 release and, well:


This looks great, and information indicates that its not a simple arcade port, but contains both the arcade game and a storyline mode similar to the original game! Along with that they are maintaining the leveling aspect that will allow you to fight, gain experience and level up your characters, after which you can customize their move set and equipment! I will be pre-ordering this TODAY, and probably playing a lot of Dissidia 012 on my emulator until it comes out.

You can always check my stream page to see if I am streaming any games, including Dissidia 012, at:

(Microsoft changed the Beam site to Mixer, but its the same site.)

Whatever happen to the sax?

Sitting here today I am listening to my ‘Huey Lewis and the News Greatest Hits’ and I wonder to myself: Whatever happened to the saxophone as a rock n’ roll instrument? I mean, give me sick guitar and drum solos, but there’s really nothing like the smooth yet raspy sound of a good sax solo! Did the sax die with the 80’s? I had a friend of mine tell me the saxophone was the WORST INSTRUMENT EVER! Really?

Actually, whatever happen to the brass section in rock? The sax, trumpet and trombone used to seem to be a big part of 50’s rock. Why? I mean, just listen to this:

Oh man, I love me some brass. Maybe the sax can make a comeback! Maybe…..