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Pitfalls for Husbands: Expect Nothing

A few years ago, when my wife and I were going through some marriage counseling I read quite a few books and attended at least a couple of “marriage retreats” that had been put on by churches. The goal of these retreats (or classes) was to give a couple, married or soon-to-be, an understanding of what God calls marriage and what it means to actually be married.

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OneDrive links are broken

For some reason WordPress will no longer allow me to properly embed my video files from OneDrive. They all end up either taking users to the OneDrive page after being loaded into the blog post or show up as ‘content cannot be displayed in a frame’. For those of you looking over older posts, please bear with me, as I try to get things fixed. I’m starting to dislike WordPress, as the alternate solutions I have found for embedding video seem to be changed by the WP editor when I try to publish my posts. Its irritating.

Discussion Page: Sexbots

I had been writing a post on an experience I had with some people on Facebook when Breitbart posted a story on the upcoming sexbot revolution. Many Christians were of the mind that using these machines would be sinful for two reasons:

  1. Sex outside of the marriage bed is not permitted. It is sin.
  2. Many turned in the bible to the story of Onan, who failed to impregnate his brothers wife after he had died, as the law dictated. However, he didn’t just tell everyone he didn’t want to do the deed, he went in and had sex with his dead brothers wife, but pulled out so as not to impregnate her. This angered God and he killed Onan for it.

The post got exceedingly large and may have needed an NSFW indicator, so I scrapped it. However, it would be interesting to see what some of you think about this upcoming event – and trust me, it IS going to happen, and when it does there is going to be a battle not only in the courts of law, but in the hearts and minds of believers. Lets talk in the comments section!

What’s your take on the issue?