Prayer Update

Thank you all for your prayers over the weekend. My son is doing a lot better, though I know he is still struggling with the loss of his friend. The rest of my family is also doing better, but the young man who passed away, in the short time we knew him, became very much like a member of our family, and his death is a difficult blow.

Regardless, I know his family is struggling far more than we are and I ask for your continued prayers for them. Because of the odd circumstances of their sons death they will not be receiving his body for at least three weeks so that an autopsy and tests can be performed.

Thank you again for all of your help and words of support, they are much appreciated.


Continued Prayer….

Please continue to pray for my son. Something has happened and he isn’t doing well. We don’t have details, but when he called briefly he seemed grief stricken and angry. He is currently still stationed in Japan. There is nothing we can do for him but pray. Please help.

Prayers, please.

Yesterday my sons fellow Marine and friend passed out during a run and started having seizures. This morning he passed away. They had been stationed in Japan for less than a week. He couldn’t have been more than 20 years old.

He was a great guy and we counted him as one of our own. We are devastated, but no doubt his family is even more devastated. We have never met that, as he was from another state.

Thank you.

Pitfalls for Husbands: Expect Nothing

A few years ago, when my wife and I were going through some marriage counseling I read quite a few books and attended at least a couple of “marriage retreats” that had been put on by churches. The goal of these retreats (or classes) was to give a couple, married or soon-to-be, an understanding of what God calls marriage and what it means to actually be married.

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