Recently a visitor made a post indicating they were from Germany (thanks again for the visit) and that they had appreciated my Woman’s Day post, which was geared toward appreciating women for their beauty, something that has had a profound effect on the world since the beginning of time. It reminded them of the “Gallery of Beauties” in Munich, a collection of some of the most fetching an beautiful women of both the nobility and middle class and was created to essentially show off the beauty of young German women to visitors.

Well quite some time back, probably two or three years ago, I ran across a red-pill blog that featured a host of old school artwork, much if it featured on the cover of novels and such, but also use for many other purposes. I fell in love with the style, which is very “American” to me, though I’m sure not all of the works are from American artists. I believe it hails from somewhere in the period of the 40’s through the 60’s, and maybe even through the 70’s.  Something about it is very catching to the eye. The beauty of the women, the masculinity of the men, the clothing, the colors, the brush strokes: All of it wonderful! Though the links on the blog I am referring to seem to be mostly dead I was able to snag quite a bit of the stuff from another site and have posted it into my public OneDrive folder. Some of it may contain light nudity, but from what I could see there is nothing sexual in nature in the bunch. Despite that the women featured are surprisingly erotic, many of them dolled up in free-flowing dresses, heels and garters. Feel free to take a peek and appreciate it!

Old School Artwork Gallery