Burning the fields

Imagine you had a field of over 1 billion different types of plants. Now imagine that, within those billion plus plants lay the cure for cancer. The cure for Alzheimer’s. The cure for blindness, for lupus, for any number of diseases. All that need be done is for those plants to be harvested and processed.

Now image that someone came along and torched the entire thing. Every plant, every root, every square inch of this miracle field, gone. Reduced to ash.

Imagine the outcry. The anger. The sadness not just in yourself, but world wide, as people came to the realization of the lost potential in that massive bed of plants.

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Embracing the “Adult Film Star” Mindset. (semi-NSFW)

What is so offensive about sex to Christians? I mean, they obviously have it, seeing as how they have children. God blessed us with the act and tasked us with partaking in it to “be fruitful and multiply”. The act creates marriage between a man and a woman, and men are told to let their wives bodies satisfy them at all times.

In the bible, Song of Solomon goes a step further and gets into some gritty details about how to enjoy your spouses bodies! I’ve read before that younger men weren’t even allowed to look into the book until they reached a proper age it was considered so graphic! Even by todays standards its not exactly bible study discussion material!

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Incredibles 2. Good film, not what I thought (but more than I had hoped for)!

So a while back I made a post in which I was really concerned about the information hitting the internet about Disney’s “The Incredibles 2” and the possible direction it was headed. I’m a big fan of the first movie (it had just about everything a GREAT movie could have and was near perfect in my book) and I didn’t want to see them ruin the franchise by doing what Disney is famous for lately and turning into some kind of girl-power, feminist battle cry.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed because the movie wasn’t really the feminist battle cry I had worried it would be, but it most certainly contained “girl power” in a lot of ways. I’ll avoid any big spoilers after the break (if your interested).

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Gallery of Old School Artwork

Recently a visitor made a post indicating they were from Germany (thanks again for the visit) and that they had appreciated my Woman’s Day post, which was geared toward appreciating women for their beauty, something that has had a profound effect on the world since the beginning of time. It reminded them of the “Gallery of Beauties” in Munich, a collection of some of the most fetching an beautiful women of both the nobility and middle class and was created to essentially show off the beauty of young German women to visitors.

Well quite some time back, probably two or three years ago, I ran across a red-pill blog that featured a host of old school artwork, much if it featured on the cover of novels and such, but also use for many other purposes. I fell in love with the style, which is very “American” to me, though I’m sure not all of the works are from American artists. I believe it hails from somewhere in the period of the 40’s through the 60’s, and maybe even through the 70’s.  Something about it is very catching to the eye. The beauty of the women, the masculinity of the men, the clothing, the colors, the brush strokes: All of it wonderful! Though the links on the blog I am referring to seem to be mostly dead I was able to snag quite a bit of the stuff from another site and have posted it into my public OneDrive folder. Some of it may contain light nudity, but from what I could see there is nothing sexual in nature in the bunch. Despite that the women featured are surprisingly erotic, many of them dolled up in free-flowing dresses, heels and garters. Feel free to take a peek and appreciate it!

Old School Artwork Gallery


A Simple Test.

If, as a Christian, you cannot agree to the idea of letting any number of people, whom you don’t know nor are allowed to question, into your home to consume your food, water and resources, then you have no legs to stand on in your insistence that the God of bible commands that a nation let uncontrolled hordes of “immigrants” pour in through open and unchecked borders. There is simply no biblical basis for it.

Funny how, when it doesn’t seem to directly affect them, something like letting people you don’t know in to consume your stuff seems like an awful invasion of privacy. I wonder how many Christians would be willing to let their pastor assign them a live in immigrant, without their permission, without any kind of information on said immigrant and without any type of additional support. Now how about two immigrants, or ten?

How many Christians pull up a chair and a make a sandwich for the thief who has just broken into their house in the middle of the night? “Hey, it’s fine, God said we should invite EVERYONE in! I make enough money, I can share. And I’m sure your only breaking into my house in the dead of night because you want a better life for yourself.” I don’t see it happening, so why are so many Christians on board with allowing it to happen to our nation?

I have no doubt that God works in mysterious ways and, who knows, maybe He will prompt you to speak to that thief in the middle of the night, but you had better make darn sure that’s the voice of God talking to you, because most thieves willing to break into someone’s home are up to no good.