Has Disney already ruined ‘The Incredibles 2’? I hope not.

I am a huge fan of the film ‘The Incredibles’. If you’ve never seen it before you are definitely missing out, as its a throwback not only to superhero films of yesteryear but also pays its respects to the spy film genre by mirroring James Bond quality gadgets and gizmos in its antagonist. It was well voiced, well rendered and is still a marvel of modern computer rendering capabilities.

Suffice to say that after the success of the first film ‘The Incredibles” built up quite a fan base and those fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Though I suppose the official game “Rise of the Underminer” was supposed to be a sequel of sorts (it believe it takes place moments after the end of the first film) Disney/Pixar recently announced a true, movie sequel that immediately excited fans. Following up with a short teaser they revved the fan base up even more!

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Great Games: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Recently I have been aching to play Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and the latest Doom. I was able to buy Doom for the PS4 through Redbox for 5$ (What a steal!) and found a PC version of the old Doom called ‘Brutal Doom’, which I haven’t played yet but can’t wait because it looks amazing! As far as Wolfenstein goes, however, I am still waiting, but was able to pick up the much, much older ‘Return to Castle Wolfenstein’ from GOG.com a couple of weeks ago and, I must say, it really is a fantastic game! I’m sure any gamer here has heard of, seen or purchased games from GOG, but if your not familiar with the site go check it out. They sell old, old PC games us old timers remember from back in the days when you were lucky to have a video card that displayed 256 colors, a 14.4k modem and a Sound Blaster audio card.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein, PC/Windows, Activision (2001)

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I consider my wife to be ‘moderately feminist’. That is to say that, when held up to her other friends, she is pretty tame. She does have one friend who is a full blown, all out Christo-feminist, who goes to church and praises God and talks about the wage gap and how men subjugate women (while smoking weed and drinking and sleeping with men who aren’t her husband). Because of this I use my wife to kind of gauge where the Christian woman culture is at and where it is headed. Though she has her own issues, I see her as the typical Christian woman, or maybe even a bit better than, seeing as how she hasn’t consciously attached herself to the feminist mindset.

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The Cuphead Conspiracy.

Over the thanksgiving weekend my son and I finally finished the fantastic game, Cuphead. If you haven’t read over my review of the game, take a look at it if you find the time. I cannot think of a game in my recent history that has been such a joy to finish. I mean, we literally screamed and jumped when that final hit to satan’s face resulted in the much anticipated “KNOCKOUT” flashing across the screen! Though I think some of the earlier levels were much more brutal, the final boss, ol’ Beelzebub himself, did not disappoint in its difficulty and weirdness!

Now that the game is done (with the exception of replays on….gulp, expert mode) I look back on it, along with my recent play through of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

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OneDrive links are broken

For some reason WordPress will no longer allow me to properly embed my video files from OneDrive. They all end up either taking users to the OneDrive page after being loaded into the blog post or show up as ‘content cannot be displayed in a frame’. For those of you looking over older posts, please bear with me, as I try to get things fixed. I’m starting to dislike WordPress, as the alternate solutions I have found for embedding video seem to be changed by the WP editor when I try to publish my posts. Its irritating.

Watchers and An Explanation

It appears that I am a bit of a subject of discussion amongst a few “bird watchers” that have taken issue with some of the stuff both on my blog and in some of the comments I have made on another blog. Aside from being cowardly to sit back and talk about people from the shadows, it just seems to be in bad taste, but bad taste is pretty much the order of the day for the majority of the internet, so no biggie there.

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