Have you heard of “Fight the New Drug”? They are an organization who’s purpose is to fight against the spread and use of pornography. I have made my views on adult material known on this blog and on others where we have had discussions about the subject, but while sitting and thinking last night I had the thought that feminists, for all their railing for and against porn (figure that one out. It’s both empowering and degrading at the same time), are the biggest pushers of “the new drug” and, in many ways, the church helps them.

It sounds weird but hear me out!

Why do men view adult material? Well, typically because they are horny and need some kind of out. Overall this is not a horrible thing, though, like anything that can be done in moderation, some people overuse something that would otherwise be innocuous and turn it into an addiction. I occasionally have an alcoholic beverage with my meal or sometimes when the wife and I are just hanging out soaking in the tub. I enjoy it, but it’s not something I crave or even really think about. This is not true for some people. Some people either have addictive personalities or they just overuse something and their body starts to crave it as a normal thing.

Unlike alcohol or drugs, the sex drive is a naturally occurring desire in both men and women. You can try to suppress it, but in reality that only works for a short period of time. For those with low drives it may be easier to do and they can probably hold out longer, but for those with normal or high drives its just a matter of time before it will overthrow you if its not dealt with.

In my last post I mentioned how it is tantamount to cruelty for the church to ask young men to avoid having sex until they get married, then convince young girls that they shouldn’t be getting married until their late 20’s or early 30’s. Young Christian men are put through the wringer because, guess what, their sex drive doesn’t magickally disappear for 12-15 years while they stand around, waiting for a “good Christian girl” to get her degree and “find herself” before finally deciding to settle down. To add fuel to the fire, these young men are told they are having “evil thoughts” if they so much as imagine a girl naked or fantasize about sex with the young hottie in the pew next to them. I can tell you from personal experience the guilt can be overwhelming. Praying over and over for God to relieve you of your sex drive is about as effective as praying for Him to relieve you from your need to breathe air and remain alive. I mean, sure He could do it, but it’s highly unlikely. It is how He designed us to function.

The church and feminists have a lot in common when it comes to the concept of marriage. Though many hardcore feminists may try to convince young women to opt out of marriage altogether, most mainstream feminists (of which most Christian women are) support the idea of waiting. This thinking, my friends, is why “The New Drug” is becoming so greatly used in our society.

The apostle Paul tells men that, if they can avoid getting married, its a good thing, but if you cannot control your desire for sex then take a wife! He then proceeds to tell us that not all men are able to control their sexual desire and that, indeed, those men who can may be chosen by God for a purpose. Now, if he is saying that it takes an act of God to suppress a mans desire for sex and that God doesn’t pick just anyone for that purpose, how effective is it for a young man to try to fight it? If the solution to the problem is get married, then what is the church doing by telling men and women not to get married until they are in their 30’s, while at the same time telling young men they are wrong for wanting sex? Anyone who is anyone knows that the male sex drive kicks in right around the mid-teens, and once it starts it’s nearly impossible to stop!

When you take away the biblical prescription for the problem then people will find a way to alleviate the problem until the correct prescription can be applied – hence pornography! A temporary fix for a big problem! Is it ideal? Absolutely not! Is it a horrible cancer on society that will cause the downfall of humanity? No, its not that either (not yet anyway). The problems arise when a young Christian man, who should be getting married, having sex and creating a family at 20-25 years of age, turns to adult material to scratch the itch that is his sex drive, and cannot look forward to the REAL fix (his wife) for another 10-12 years. The itch doesn’t go away so he continues to indulge in adult material until, ta-da, he is now “addicted” to it. It’s all he knows! His only other alternative is to go out and have sex outside of marriage, which is absolutely NOT acceptable within the church.

If feminists and the church want to battle “The New Drug” they need to look at reality. Education is not going to fix the problem of young men being addicted to adult material. The real fix is to follow Gods intended plan. “Be fruitful and multiply” was the first commandment to Adam and Eve, and the first commandment in the bible. When we follow Gods plan we find things work so much better than when we try to apply our own fix to a problem.

If we don’t return to the TRUE solution to the problem a much worse solution may come along. One that WILL have such a negative effect on society that it literally COULD cause the downfall of humanity. Sexbots are right around the corner, people. Sure, it seems silly, like something out of a science fiction movie for nerds, but when a young man finds he cannot scratch that itch for another 10 years with a real woman, and an image on a computer screen or in a magazine wont do, well, you know where I’m going with this. No fuss, no muss, no possibilities of pregnancy, no expensive date beforehand or drama after, just a push button interface that sets the mood of the A.I.

It’s not a sci-fi story anymore. They are on their way. If the church doesn’t get back in line with Christ soon, they may have to start praying for a PewBot 6000 to replace their dying congregations.