So many posts today on Facebook about “International Women’s Day” its sickening. As though women forcibly prevented themselves from becoming male in the womb! Everyone from tech companies like Microsoft to Christian musicians, even my beloved Final Fantasy 14, are celebrating women because….well, because!

Not to be a party pooper, however, I am going to make my OWN women’s day post, celebrating woman’s REAL contribution to humanity! A contribution that has been since the beginning of time:


The beauty of shapely, feminine women have caused nations to go to war, and caused nations to STOP war. It has inspired men in the arts and sciences, driving them to invent new technologies and push man past boundaries he previously though unbreakable! Yes, for thousands upon thousands of years men have pushed humanity forward because:


So join me in my celebration! Check out my shared folder of Anime Cuties, and enjoy one of humankinds greatest motivators! The shape of a woman!

Snapper’s Anime Cuties (NSFW)