Of Actresses and Models, Grace and Sympathy.

A man approaches a woman at a party.

“Would you have sex with me for one million dollars?”, he asks.

“Well, I suppose.”, she answers, shyly.

“How about for five dollars?”, he asks.

“Hrmph! What kind of woman do you think I am?”, she asks, quite aghast.

“We have determined that!”, he replied, “Now we just need to determine your price!”

This story has been attributed to a number of men, from Albert Einstein to Benjamin Franklin to Winston Churchill. Regardless of who said it, this story perfectly describes the current kerfuffle being raised in women’s sports, Hollywood and modelling.

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A Double Standard…

Over the weekend I celebrated my 22nd anniversary with my wife at Disneyland. It was enjoyable, if not surprisingly hot trip, with temps in Anaheim reaching over 90 degrees. Maybe its a sign of age, but this is the first time in any of our many trips to the park that we had to duck into somewhere and sit for a while to cool of and collect ourselves! That being said, its amazing what a 15 minute break in the air conditioning will do for you. To top it all off there was a Halloween event going on that I didn’t know about, but would explain why it was so difficult to find a hotel room. The one we got was an awful place in what can only be described as the literally butt-crack of Disneyland, and I will never, ever return! I’d rather walk six miles to the park and back than stay in that creepy place again!

That story, however, is not the point of this post (thanks for reading though)! Upon our return Sunday morning we crashed and slept in early only to wake up and find ourselves in needing to prepare for the birthday party of one of my nephews. The little guy is five years old now, and despite my dedication to hanging out with family I would have stayed home and slept, but my wife promised to bring some food, so we had to go. It was a good time and afterward all the family members headed out around the corner to grab some food from a great little pizza place around the corner.

This is where things started to get interesting. To me, at least.

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Discussion Page: The Turning Point.

There are several Christian women I know of who at least view my blog every so often (you know who you are!) and for those ladies, and any other Christian lady who has an outlook on submission and obedience that is counter-culture not only to worldly culture but church-culture (ie: True submission, not rebellion as the world teaches or ‘rebellion-lite’ like most churches teach) I submit this question:

What was your turning point?

Sure there are some women out there, raised by parents who followed the biblical model of wifely obedience and submission, who were sickened by the rebellion that has been taught to young girls for the past 50 years. Maybe it was never a problem for you to accept the biblical model when you got married, it was jus what you knew.

Maybe you were raised by such parents, but fell into rebellion in your youth, having been told by society that no man should have authority over you. That you should “follow your heart” and the fact that you can think for yourself meant you didn’t need a man to do anything thinking for you. What brought you back? What changed your mind?

Maybe you were raised in a very liberal family who taught you “empowerment”, women’s rights, moxie and all the other buzzwords for rebellion they use out there. Maybe you became a Christian later in life and escaped the churchian teaching to obey your husband, but only enough so that he feels he is in charge of something, and only enough so you can feel better about being a “submissive and obedient” wife because your not actively throwing fits and degrading your husband in public.

Maybe your not a Christian at all but just like the idea of a strong man having authority over you. Maybe you get sexual pleasure out of it, or maybe you just like the feeling of comfort knowing you have a mind of your own, but that someone else is responsible for what goes on in your home and your life. Someone with a plan (most of the time), someone who will take charge and relieve you of that burden.

Any input? Stories you’d like to tell? Advice? Use the comments below!


Conflict of Interest…

Why is it that Christians say they know that Gods word and the world conflict, yet they are remiss to do what Gods word says? Instead they follow the worlds word and then can’t figure out why things aren’t working out! A perfect example is a woman’s place in Gods plan for life. Millions of women are suffering from mental disorders that get classified as ‘depression’, and I have no doubt that many do suffer clinical depression from chemical imbalances and such, but how many simply suffer ‘depression’ because they are suffering due to fighting against Gods will?

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Daily Goals?

Ladies, when you wake up in the morning what is your “daily goal”? Do you aspire to hit the gym harder than yesterday? Get the house cleaned? Get the kids ready and off to school? Where does your husband end up in all of this? Is he the LAST thing on your mind? The last one to get your attention?

Woman was made by God for man as a helper. Are you helping your husband daily or does he get the left overs of whatever is left of your time, your day and your energy? If your goal every day is to serve God your goal would best be reached serving your husband. It is, after all, what you were created for, to help him. That may sound sexist or misogynistic or overly simplified, but if your a Christian woman you need only look at the bible for the truth:

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Rebellion lite is still rebellion.

Some women have the mindset that they are submissive and obedient to their husbands because they are “not as bad” as another woman.

“I don’t yell at you when I don’t get my way like so and so does!”

“I don’t demand the nicest clothing and the shiniest jewelry like so and so does!”

“At least we have sex once a week, which is more than this other couple does!”

News flash, ladies! Rebellion-lite is still rebellion! Sin is still sin! Sure your failure to hit the mark may not be as bad as another persons failure to hit the mark, but guess what: You both missed!

As Christians our goal is not to take pride in missing the mark by the narrowest margin, barely doing what is required of us. Instead we are told to be ‘on fire’ for Christ! You remember the time you were going to see your favorite boy band, the one you almost literally worshiped throughout jr. high/high school? Remember how you did your hair all 80s/90s and dressed the same as you did back then and painted their names across your face and wore their shirt and made a giant sign that said “I LOVE BRAD” or something similar? That is being ‘on fire’ for someone. You know how to do it, but being submissive and obedient to your husband goes against everything you have been taught for nearly your whole life! It doesn’t make you feel good: At first. I think you’ll find, however, that the more and more you allow yourself to be ‘on fire’, not for being submissive and obedient solely because your husband wants it, but also because God calls you to it, you will find yourself feeling better and better about it as time goes by.

I have seen several women who comment on this very blog, and the blogs of other women who are doing their best to be ‘on fire’ for Christ by being the best at being submissive and obedient to their husbands. These ladies are not doormats, nor are they being subjected to weekly beatings. I doubt that for 99.9% of them it came easy, either. Many of them talk about the struggles they went through as well as the struggles they still deal with! No one said it was easy, God only said it pleases Him and is beneficial to us. Like working out! Never easy to start, but a joy once you start to see the benefits of your work, despite the pain and frustration of starting and pushing past those new plateaus!

Got something to say? Put it in the comments! Keep it civil and discuss!

So good it CAN’T be bad. Or can it?

I think a lot of Christian women would say it was okay to be disobedient to their husbands if they felt they were doing ‘Gods will’ or ‘being obedient to Gods word’, but I would caution them against this dangerous game, as it has devastating results. One would think that being ‘obedient to God’ would be a good thing, but we know that there are those who believe their lives are lived in obedience, but will find out otherwise on judgement day:

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