Breaking the Chain

The bible tells us that God set an order to things between Himself, Christ, Man and woman in 1 Corinthians 11:3, which states:

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

Which means that, according to the word of God, we can look at the structure of authority like this:

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Schooling your Husband or “Let me teach you how to lead me.”

My wife is currently out of state, tending to her mother who was diagnosed with cancer. It’s a sad state of affairs, as she already has tons of medical issues and chemo along with other treatments will likely be a two edged sword, doing both harm and good. Prayers for her, and my wife, would be much appreciated.

That being said, I was searching earlier today for some paper in which to write my grocery list when I happened upon some of my wife’s bible study notes. Now, I don’t know if these are group bible study notes from the study she attends weekly or if these are notes she took on her own, but something about them was quite troubling:

They were all about men!

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Time to get WOKE! Feminist vs. Russian Orthodox Christians!

This video is a riot. The commentator, I believe, goes by Sargon of Akkad and I believe he is an atheist, but, if I remember correctly, he at least recognizes the good Christianity has done in the world.

This poor, dumb girls brain is probably doing backflips trying to comprehend what she is hearing, and that such a thing can even exist in modern times. The wife in the video may be one of the smartest and most “woke” (man, I hate that term but it’s so appropriate here) women on the planet. Funny thing is that this girl, for all her arguing, if the right man came along, would totally be on board for being a “slave”, just as millions of other women are “slaves” to the hot, but worthless thugs in their lives. In fact, she will likely be some boyfriends “slave” until they break up and she looks for a new “master”. Serial monogamy is the flavor of the day!

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

NOTE: I wrote this closer to the beginning of the year but have been sitting on it for a while, uncertain as to whether or not I wanted to publish it. It is subject to further change.

Ladies, how would you like to make this year an awesome year for your husband? Not only that, but how would you like to make it an awesome year for yourself by embedding yourself deep into your husbands brain in a good way, not in a Slaverian brain slug kind of way (inside joke there, sorry). In the past I have recommended that you Get Mandy-cized, if not in body then in attitude! I also recommend pursuing your husband like a love struck vampire, because he will love it and love you for it!


With the beginning of the new year let me make another suggestion on how you can not only get your husband revved up, but get yourself revved up and make him treat you like a high school girlfriend:

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I DO Love Lucy (Something you will probably never see again in your lifetime).

For Christmas my daughter bought my wife the entire series collection of the ‘I Love Lucy’ show on DVDs and it is THICK. There must be 20 discs in the box! To date it has been fun to re-watch all the episodes, as I am a big fan of Lucy to begin with (she’s part of the reason I have a slight obsession with redheads).

Its been interesting to watch the show in the modern era, as many people would probably consider it to have helped usher in modern feminism, or, perhaps, to have already been a by-product of early feminism, and I would agree with them if not for the fact that the show is comedy fiction. Its one of the reasons why comic book movie and sci-fi movie “action girls” don’t really bug me: They are works of fiction. So long as they are understood as works of fiction then I don’t have a problem with them, but when we ignore reality to make fiction seem like the norm I take issue. In the same way we understand that none of us will ever fly like Superman, have heat vision or be invulnerable to physical attack we should understand that the girl in the movie who weights 120 lbs and looks damn sexy in leather throwing a 300 lb man into the wall is not reality, nor should it be taught as such (and that is where the Western world is failing).

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On “Deserving” things….

Thinking about my post from last week, Never Enough, I started thinking about the word “deserve”. “Deserve” is a very powerful word. A lot of people feel they “deserve” something in life, whether it be money, a better place in society or simple to be “treated better” by someone else.

When we claim we “deserve” something what we are really saying is that something is owed us. We assume that we have done something to merit being owed that which we feel we deserve. Often times, when we examine ourselves, we will find that we, in fact, are not owed what we are assuming we are.

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Why are women afraid to be just women?

Earlier today I ran across a Facebook post by a page I am subscribed to which is geared towards men. The admin posts quotes by famous warriors throughout history, maxims and general “warrior” related stuff, which makes for an interesting daily read. What I have noticed, however, is that much like another “manly” page I sometimes visit out there the admin posts a lot of quotes with pictures of women. Women with swords, women in combat, etc., etc.. Now, as you know, I’m not opposed to seeing women with such things, as spending any more than a few seconds on my page reveals that I have some such women prominently displayed on the sidebar, but my page is not geared directly towards dispensing advice from long dead warriors to men. Because this persons page is geared toward such a goal I found it a little odd that the following graphic was posted today:

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