So What’s Wrong With Cavemen?

Ah, the proverbial caveman. He of little whit and much muscle, who’s solution to life’s problem was to simply bash something with a club or a rock.  Never wondering if he could achieve the greatness of becoming a lawyer, or how he was going to insure the dinosaur he rode to work every day, he just lived day in and day out, lifting heavy things, hunting for food so his family wouldn’t starve and probably having plenty of sex with his wife.

The stereotypical caveman has an number of prominent features, often including a large, sloping forehead, unkempt and matted hair on his head and hair on his chest that would even have made Robin Williams slink off in shame. Often speaking in grunts and crude words, we make fun of him as he tries to explain things to us “intelligent” peoples in often odd terms.

Most prominent about him, however, is his physique. A rugged life lived in a cave along with days full of lifting heavy things, hunting, gathering and fighting off things that want to kill him have made him a superior specimen of mankind. With very little in the way of machines to do his work for him (depending on which era your particular model comes from) the caveman was forced to lift, push and carry most everything on his own. All this manual labor has made the caveman a literal hulk of a man, which his wife happens to adore, along with several other cave-ladies, I’m sure.

So why the general hate of the caveman? Sure we are smarter than him, but he could kick the ass of most modern men with little effort, to be sure. Why is it when we exhibit opinions that aren’t of the “enlightened mainstream” men are referred to as “caveman” or “medieval”? I mean, don’t we “go medieval” on people when we plan on beating them relentlessly?

The Western world has a lack of cavemen in its midst and we suffer for it. Modern “girly-men” who wear skirts (not kilts) and pajama bottoms, who hate the idea of going into the outdoors and don’t have the first clue how to use the most basic of tools are anathema to the image of men everywhere, and science shows us that the testosterone level of modern Western men is in deep decline. It doesn’t matter what modern “enlightened” men tell you, testosterone (or just, T) makes a man a man! The more the better (to an extent of course, too much bodily production of anything can have negative effects).

Guys, want to run faster? Hit harder? Lift more? Be a caveman! The world around us has too many words what with talk shows, politicians, governments, news channels. Too much talk and not enough action!

Want to attract the ladies? Be a caveman! All the time if your dating, on and off if your married. The ladies LOVE the strong silent type! Don’t believe me? Just look at nearly every romance novel ever written! Who is the woman after? The silent spy who can hold his own against a group of enemy soldiers. The knight in dirty armor who doesn’t mince words, but can mince a bad guy with just a few swings of his mighty sword! The single-minded business man who is the terror of Wall Street because he knows what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it, and he never backs down.

And, our loveable caveman, who shows his affection for his cave-lady by picking her up over his shoulder, carrying her off into a cave and making her feel like a woman.

Caveman, you call me? Hey, thanks! I don’t feel like a caveman, but I’m working hard to get there.

Its’ how they’ve been trained.

So if you have read over any of my previous blog posts you know that not that long ago I left the church I was attending over how they were changing the meaning of scripture to accommodate modern culture, and that despite my leaving, my wife decided she would still be attending, against my wishes, of course. Something pertaining to the subject has been sitting in my mind for a while so yesterday I spoke to her again about her going against my wishes, which is sin, as she is commanded by the bible to be obedient to me, her husband, and submit to my will.

Now, this is done to protect her, as being at a church that is willing to change the meaning of scripture because it makes them uncomfortable is dangerous to believers, even if that change is there because its generally how most churches think, but that’s not how my wife sees it. She sees it as me trying to control her simply because I “think I’m right”. It doesn’t matter to her that she is supposed to be submitting to my authority, according to the God she follows. All that matters is that I am telling her what to do, with authority, and that doesn’t jive.

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What’s so difficult to understand about 2/3’s?

I haven’t posted anything really interesting in a while, but a recent post by someone on Facebook and some reading over at Dalrock’s page have got me thinking.

The post was an animated gif that read the following:

“Marriage is till death do us part, not till you get tired of trying.”

“Men, honor your marriage and love your wife as Christ loved the church! Can I get an AMEN?!”

This post was made by the page Man up Gods Way.

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Women and the Bible (1.3)

There have been two previous entries in this series:

Despite the promise of continuing this series I find myself needing to simply stop here. The fact of the matter is that I can go on and on with entries into this but the goal of the original post was to answer the question “Should women be teaching scripture, at all” and personally I feel like the previous two entries were merely taking me away from the main point. So, to cut to the chase:

Simply put, the answer to the question is: No.

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Conflicting Messages: Shatter Me, Hold My Heart

Women receive conflicting messages from the most unlikely of places, but one of the more prevalent and shameless mediums is the music industry. Because of this constant barrage of conflicting messages many women have no clue what they want. I am reminded of this today when watching a music video from someone I listen to every so often, Lindsey Sterling.

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Women are Powerless

All across Facebook, WordPress and just about any other social media/blogging sites I see them over and over. Post after post about the power of women. “Man gets owned by female ju-jitsu fighter”, “Time to celebrate the power of women in the workplace”, blah, blah, blah.

I wonder if anyone realizes that if men decided to take it all back, all the “power” that women have, women would be powerless to stop them. In the blink of an eye women would go from having it all to having nothing. Don’t believe me? Just look at the Middle East. If women have such power, why are they still in such subjugation in those countries? Why hasn’t “the power of women” saved them from honor killings, or beatings or being raped?

I certainly don’t wish this upon society, but I do think women need an awakening as to THEIR privilege. To the benefits they enjoy from living in a male built society where they are afforded security and opportunity. Where men keep them from being subjugated, hell, where men even keep them from paying the consequences of their actions!

We all know this won’t happen, though.