Gallery of Old School Artwork

Recently a visitor made a post indicating they were from Germany (thanks again for the visit) and that they had appreciated my Woman’s Day post, which was geared toward appreciating women for their beauty, something that has had a profound effect on the world since the beginning of time. It reminded them of the “Gallery of Beauties” in Munich, a collection of some of the most fetching an beautiful women of both the nobility and middle class and was created to essentially show off the beauty of young German women to visitors.

Well quite some time back, probably two or three years ago, I ran across a red-pill blog that featured a host of old school artwork, much if it featured on the cover of novels and such, but also use for many other purposes. I fell in love with the style, which is very “American” to me, though I’m sure not all of the works are from American artists. I believe it hails from somewhere in the period of the 40’s through the 60’s, and maybe even through the 70’s.  Something about it is very catching to the eye. The beauty of the women, the masculinity of the men, the clothing, the colors, the brush strokes: All of it wonderful! Though the links on the blog I am referring to seem to be mostly dead I was able to snag quite a bit of the stuff from another site and have posted it into my public OneDrive folder. Some of it may contain light nudity, but from what I could see there is nothing sexual in nature in the bunch. Despite that the women featured are surprisingly erotic, many of them dolled up in free-flowing dresses, heels and garters. Feel free to take a peek and appreciate it!

Old School Artwork Gallery



Breaking the Chain

The bible tells us that God set an order to things between Himself, Christ, Man and woman in 1 Corinthians 11:3, which states:

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

Which means that, according to the word of God, we can look at the structure of authority like this:

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I DO Love Lucy (Something you will probably never see again in your lifetime).

For Christmas my daughter bought my wife the entire series collection of the ‘I Love Lucy’ show on DVDs and it is THICK. There must be 20 discs in the box! To date it has been fun to re-watch all the episodes, as I am a big fan of Lucy to begin with (she’s part of the reason I have a slight obsession with redheads).

Its been interesting to watch the show in the modern era, as many people would probably consider it to have helped usher in modern feminism, or, perhaps, to have already been a by-product of early feminism, and I would agree with them if not for the fact that the show is comedy fiction. Its one of the reasons why comic book movie and sci-fi movie “action girls” don’t really bug me: They are works of fiction. So long as they are understood as works of fiction then I don’t have a problem with them, but when we ignore reality to make fiction seem like the norm I take issue. In the same way we understand that none of us will ever fly like Superman, have heat vision or be invulnerable to physical attack we should understand that the girl in the movie who weights 120 lbs and looks damn sexy in leather throwing a 300 lb man into the wall is not reality, nor should it be taught as such (and that is where the Western world is failing).

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In Defense of Mary.

While sitting down the other evening to watch our yearly intake of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ I was once again taken by the films many pro’s. It has great actors, great acting, humor, drama, love, family, hope, faith, grace and is a story you likely wouldn’t see on the silver screen any longer. In fact, just this morning I saw a news report that CNN is calling for the movie to be put to rest, as it is “inherently sexist“, since poor Mary Bailey could have had a “stellar career” if she hadn’t met and fallen for that misogynistic pig, George, who was always keeping her down. I mean, forget the fact that Mary had secretly wished for many years to pin him down as a husband, she could have really been SOMETHING if she had just ditched that loser and hit the corporate scene!

Of course, all of George’s sacrifices mean nothing.

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Of Actresses and Models, Grace and Sympathy.

A man approaches a woman at a party.

“Would you have sex with me for one million dollars?”, he asks.

“Well, I suppose.”, she answers, shyly.

“How about for five dollars?”, he asks.

“Hrmph! What kind of woman do you think I am?”, she asks, quite aghast.

“We have determined that!”, he replied, “Now we just need to determine your price!”

This story has been attributed to a number of men, from Albert Einstein to Benjamin Franklin to Winston Churchill. Regardless of who said it, this story perfectly describes the current kerfuffle being raised in women’s sports, Hollywood and modelling.

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A Double Standard…

Over the weekend I celebrated my 22nd anniversary with my wife at Disneyland. It was enjoyable, if not surprisingly hot trip, with temps in Anaheim reaching over 90 degrees. Maybe its a sign of age, but this is the first time in any of our many trips to the park that we had to duck into somewhere and sit for a while to cool of and collect ourselves! That being said, its amazing what a 15 minute break in the air conditioning will do for you. To top it all off there was a Halloween event going on that I didn’t know about, but would explain why it was so difficult to find a hotel room. The one we got was an awful place in what can only be described as the literally butt-crack of Disneyland, and I will never, ever return! I’d rather walk six miles to the park and back than stay in that creepy place again!

That story, however, is not the point of this post (thanks for reading though)! Upon our return Sunday morning we crashed and slept in early only to wake up and find ourselves in needing to prepare for the birthday party of one of my nephews. The little guy is five years old now, and despite my dedication to hanging out with family I would have stayed home and slept, but my wife promised to bring some food, so we had to go. It was a good time and afterward all the family members headed out around the corner to grab some food from a great little pizza place.

This is where things started to get interesting. To me, at least.

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Conflict of Interest…

Why is it that Christians say they know that Gods word and the world conflict, yet they are remiss to do what Gods word says? Instead they follow the worlds word and then can’t figure out why things aren’t working out! A perfect example is a woman’s place in Gods plan for life. Millions of women are suffering from mental disorders that get classified as ‘depression’, and I have no doubt that many do suffer clinical depression from chemical imbalances and such, but how many simply suffer ‘depression’ because they are suffering due to fighting against Gods will?

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