Now let me just get this out of the way: I am a christian, and I believe in the power of prayer. The word tells us to pray without ceasing and that from the moment we are given salvation our words are heard by our Lord. Prayer can change things. We know this because the word tells us so, and so we pray, and we do so with the full knowledge that our prayers are heard and answered, if not always how we want. And that means that sometimes no answer is THE answer.

During the early time of my red pill awakening I ran across someone describing what I will now call the “pray more trap”. I forget what page it was or whom had talked about it, but the essential premise is this:

When a husband attempts to utilize his authority to make a decision in his marriage that his wife does not like his wife, feminized pastors and marriage counselors will encourage him to “keep praying about it”, regardless of how long he may have already been in prayer and regardless of how certain he is of his decision. This is actually code talk for “Your wife isn’t on board with this, so it must not be Gods will. Keep praying until your wife either gets on board with it or you give up. This is Gods will.”

This is, of course, a garbage teaching and simply a way to force husbands to submit to their wives rather than wives submit to their husbands, as is commanded in the word! Subsequently some christian wives will use this same “pray more” or “keep praying about it” trap when they run into something their husbands are determined to do that they do not agree with.

Wives are to submit to their husbands and be obedient, but weak men and feminized christianity have turned the will of women into the will of God, and have inverted the established order of authority! Now your wife’s feelings determine if something is the will of God or determine if God has give you the okay to move forward with a decision. I mean, who can argue with that? If it’s Gods will shouldn’t your wife be 100% on board with you in your decision?


Why no? Because God doesn’t work in that way very often. He is not going to FORCE your wife to agree with you. You, as a wife, already have a commandment from the Lord to submit to your husbands will and be obedient, with very, very little exception. This means that if your husband comes home one day and says, “I just heard a commercial on the radio for twenty acre plots in Montana for fifty-thousand dollars! Pack your bags, we are moving this week!”, you may voice your concerns, but you are to be obedient, pack your bags, and prep to move. You may have more confidence if he says, “I heard a commercial on the radio for twenty acre plots in Montana for fifty-thousand dollars a couple of months ago, and I have been praying about it, and we are going to move”, but the obedience portion is yours to own. In this case you can OBEY GOD by submitting to your husband and being obedient, or SHAME GOD, YOUR HUSBAND AND THE WORD by being a disrespectful and disobedient wife.

Ladies, don’t be this wife. Men, don’t fall for the trap. Very few times are you going to pray for God to give you a visual que or some kind of supernatural confirmation to a decision and receive it. God gave us faith and intelligence. Sometimes your confirmation is everything lining up just right for you to move forward, sometimes is half of everything lining up and you having faith in the other half. Sometimes its just looking at the situation, determining if its a smart move and going for it, knowing that God is always with you.