The “Good Christian”

I saw this meme earlier this week. Little did I know that I would have a fine opportunity to use it.

Found on Facebook regarding the death of famed physicist Stephen Hawking and the subsequent placement of his ashes in Westminster Abbey:

I still empathize with Stephen Hawking. He is getting to meet God now… He lived his life with major disability, I believe God is big enough to understand, and empathize with his questions. . They will be answered, and I am sure there is a path to God for Stephen, despite his lack of belief. His cynicism whether a God exists…

The response from another FB poster:

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The Only Women’s Day Post you Need

So many posts today on Facebook about “International Women’s Day” its sickening. As though women forcibly prevented themselves from becoming male in the womb! Everyone from tech companies like Microsoft to Christian musicians, even my beloved Final Fantasy 14, are celebrating women because….well, because!

Not to be a party pooper, however, I am going to make my OWN women’s day post, celebrating woman’s REAL contribution to humanity! A contribution that has been since the beginning of time:


The beauty of shapely, feminine women have caused nations to go to war, and caused nations to STOP war. It has inspired men in the arts and sciences, driving them to invent new technologies and push man past boundaries he previously though unbreakable! Yes, for thousands upon thousands of years men have pushed humanity forward because:


So join me in my celebration! Check out my shared folder of Anime Cuties, and enjoy one of humankinds greatest motivators! The shape of a woman!

Snapper’s Anime Cuties (NSFW)

10 Ways to Destroy your Husbands Affection

A long time ago I wrote a post warning wives that they could very well burn up their husbands affection for them. It’s not difficult to do, it just requires you to have an inflated sense of self, arrogance and disrespect. Here is a list of ten things you can do to ensure you kill off your husbands affection for you. Use the list to either STOP YOURSELF from doing these things if you care about your marriage, family and husband or, if your really interested in destroying your marriage you can amp these up by a few notches and watch as your husband becomes distant, frustrated and confused as to why the woman he once loved and cherished has turned into a demon from the pits of hell.

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Schooling your Husband or “Let me teach you how to lead me.”

My wife is currently out of state, tending to her mother who was diagnosed with cancer. It’s a sad state of affairs, as she already has tons of medical issues and chemo along with other treatments will likely be a two edged sword, doing both harm and good. Prayers for her, and my wife, would be much appreciated.

That being said, I was searching earlier today for some paper in which to write my grocery list when I happened upon some of my wife’s bible study notes. Now, I don’t know if these are group bible study notes from the study she attends weekly or if these are notes she took on her own, but something about them was quite troubling:

They were all about men!

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Discussion Page: Violence in Gaming

I’m sure by now most of you are aware of the school shooting which recently took place in Florida, and you are probably aware of the storm of information and misinformation flying around in the aftermath. From “scripted victims” to government conspiracies, there is such a thing as being able to find too much information on a subject. In fact, any sane person looking into the ensuing flood of information, both good and bad, is likely to get lost in all of it and gain nothing of value, which may, really, be the goal.

This post, however, will focus on the presidents statements in the aftermath regarding violence in video games movies, seeing as how I post quite a bit of stuff on gaming on my blog, and also in response to an article written over at The Well-Read Mage.

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Time to get WOKE! Feminist vs. Russian Orthodox Christians!

This video is a riot. The commentator, I believe, goes by Sargon of Akkad and I believe he is an atheist, but, if I remember correctly, he at least recognizes the good Christianity has done in the world.

This poor, dumb girls brain is probably doing backflips trying to comprehend what she is hearing, and that such a thing can even exist in modern times. The wife in the video may be one of the smartest and most “woke” (man, I hate that term but it’s so appropriate here) women on the planet. Funny thing is that this girl, for all her arguing, if the right man came along, would totally be on board for being a “slave”, just as millions of other women are “slaves” to the hot, but worthless thugs in their lives. In fact, she will likely be some boyfriends “slave” until they break up and she looks for a new “master”. Serial monogamy is the flavor of the day!