I think many of us know where all this mess is going to end. We have a clearly defined enemy of freedom who’s end goal is to silence who they can and end those they can’t. We’ve seen calls for years for the ending of certain melanin challenged people and even as recently as last week we find more assurances “some melanin-challenged people may have to die for melanin-rich communities to become whole“. In the meantime we have giant groups of said melanin-challenged people bowing down to, cleaning the shoes of and paying melanin-rich folk who are feeling empowered due to their current freedom from being prosecuted or wrangled in by law enforcement, and are just eating this stuff up.

Here’s the thing: The situation isn’t even about these two groups of people. The conflict between these two groups, of which I am a part of neither, is a front! They’ve been told they are enemies and they are not, or, rather, they don’t need to be. Both groups, however, are pawns of a much bigger scheme that sees a crack in the armor of America and has worked for decades to pick at and irritate the scab of something that happened not only centuries ago, but that has happened throughout all of world history since the beginning of time. People really are convinced that America is the only country in the world to have ever had slavery, and that for some reason generations later must somehow make up for the practice.

Look, we all know how this is going to end. We don’t want it to come to this, but we’ve already seen bloodshed and we all see the wild and relentless nature of the opposing side, and, yes, they are an opposing side. They are an enemy, and they will not stop until they see each of us bend the knee or dead on the ground.

I don’t say these things to panic anyone, but in hopes that someone will see this and prepare. Prepare your family, prepare your supplies, prepare your boomsticks and steel yourself for what is a very likely future. God willing I am totally wrong and the rule of law will return soon, but I don’t see the current administration being too keen on a swift, decisive and brutal strike to end it, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Its probably a good idea to let these people have a taste of their own medicine for a while and both let the violent ones eat each other while letting the non-violent ones get a taste of what they have to look forward to if they don’t change course, but as much as I like our current leader I see him making some very big mistakes as well as some ass-backwards decisions. Recently there has been rumor that the ATF is moving toward restricting further boomstick parts, which is just rumor, but if its true why the hell would you do that now, when people are in need of protection the most? Why not instead push to pursue and prosecute state governments that restrict peoples second amendment rights so that all Americans can defend themselves?

Keep safe. Keep an ear to the ground and try to stay ahead of the game and up with current events. If it all hits the fan even an hours worth of time before the wave hits your town can be of great benefit. Those of us believers know what must come to pass, and that likely means our nation will be erased, or severely weakened, for things to proceed. That doesn’t mean this period of time is THE period of time, but pray like it is, keep the faith, and keep your powder dry.