Happy early birthday to Mr. Robert Plant, lead singer of the greatest rock band ever to grace Gods green earth and a fantastic solo artist in his own right.

The thing about Robert Plant is that you cannot pin him down to a single genre, he is all over the place musically and it is magickal! Rock, pop, doo-wop, tribal – you name it and he has got a song in that style. His voice is so unique it is immediately distinguishable from the first note. I ardently hope that I can see him in concert before he, or I, pass away. He does an incredible job of mixing in his solo music with Led Zeppelin stuff, and has even redone some Zeppelin songs in amazing fashion! Check out the awesome rendition of Nobodies Fault but Mine from the album No Quarter (performed WITH Jimmy Page!) after the break!  In the meantime, enjoy some of his other fantastic songs.