Comic books, Movies, Race bending and Gender Swaps

Last week I had a “discussion” with some Facebook people about my decision to pretty much give up on the whole Star Wars universe. I have made it clear on this blog as to why I am doing so, but just in case you aren’t in the know, let me reiterate.

J.J. Abrams, director of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is on record as feeling Hollywood is “too white”. Now let me be up front and say I am NOT white, but am of Hispanic descent. My parents are Americans, born in the U.S., but my grandparents on my moms side came up from Mexico. My parents on my fathers side were Americans, though my grandma, I think, had a lot of German in her blood. She died shortly before I was born, so I don’t know for sure.

I am not white, but even I find this idea offensive.

J.J. Abrams suffers from a pretty typical disease of the mind that infects a lot of white people nowadays called The White Guilt. So prevalent is this disease that, as of this morning, I hear there are people on Twitter and such actually causing themselves physical harm in an attempt to atone for the sins of their great, great, great grandfathers (who may have never owned slaves to begin with).

Unfortunately, in a fictional universe full of pig-like Gamorean, giant Wookies, cute and fuzzy Ewoks and tons of other cool and disgusting species, Abrams has this idea that there is not enough diversity, but only for humans. I mean, you don’t hear anything about there not being enough black wookies, or white Ewoks, but heaven help us there aren’t enough black, red or yellow humans traversing the stars! And don’t even start on all those horrible men, who have no doubt space-oppressed women, which is why you don’t see any women anywhere in these films (except that you do!).

Anyhow, this attitude, along with the fact that I personally feel Episode 7 was a weak film, has inspired me to cut Star Wars from my list of “things I absolutely love”, which has enabled me to devote more time to Final Fantasy. As of this writing Square Enix, peace be upon them forever, has already been attacked by SJW’s over their lack of playable female characters in the upcoming Final Fantasy 15, to which the responded (ever so classy like) that they wrote the story how they wrote the story and that is how the story will stay. Also, Cidney:


I honestly just look for reasons to post this picture.


Just to sweeten the pot is also the fact that Episode 7, along with the upcoming Rouge One, both contain female lead characters.

Now, understand, I have no qualms against female leads. Any sci-fi junkie worth his salt doesn’t give a damn about whether or not the lead in a good film is male or female. Some of my favorite movies include Alien, Red Sonja, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Kill Bill – all of which have female leads! Where my problem lies is with a director, suffering from white and male guilt , choosing a much loved and important franchise as a vehicle to dump his self-hatred on the masses. For me, the realization that a franchise has been transformed from a fantastic space opera encapsulating the eternal struggle of good and evil, not just in the galaxy, but within our own selves, into a steaming turd of social justice is too much to bear. I cannot, in good conscience, watch Star Wars any longer without realizing exactly what it is I am watching. I don’t see the realization of George Lucas’s imaginations anymore, I see a massive social justice bus coming down the street while people throw themselves in front of it and allow it to crush them. Most people, however, don’t know any better. They have grown up in a society where this is normal and you cant really fault them.

I don’t like self-hatred when its projected onto others. If you don’t like yourself keep it to yourself, otherwise your just an attention whore. And an attention whore with a ton of money and a movie platform by which to whore himself is a bad combination. Can Abrams make good movies? Sure! I mean, I’ll give the guy props, he has a pretty creative head on his shoulders, but, to repeat the ages old axiom: You can paint a turd gold, but underneath the shiny exterior, you still have a turd.

In other news I also saw that Marvel has moved on to eliminating another horrible, awful, wretched white man from its comic book lineup by replacing Tony Stark (Iron Man) with a young black woman (now called Iron Heart). This, combined with the casting of Zendaya as Mary Jane in the upcoming Spider Man: Homecoming is pushing me over the edge. Is there something wrong with just following the PRE-WRITTEN, ESTABLISHED MYTHOS OF A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER AND LEAVING EVERYONE THEY WAY THEY WERE WRITTEN? For the love of god, people, its like your just trying too hard! The script is practically already written for you! The characters are there, but, no, you have to go and foul everything up so you can earn your social justice badge.

Look, I’ll be up front with you, I don’t care who Iron Man is. It’s a comic book, stranger things have happened than a young black girl become an Iron super hero. The problem is the industry let the cat out of the bag! If they had done all their dirty work covertly then no one would care because it wouldn’t be seen as a thing. Then all the SJWs at Marvel and Disney could have laughed their heads off behind closed doors while we shoveled all the candy coated garbage down our own throats, happily! Instead they stood on a soap box and loudly proclaimed, “We are going to take a dump all over your childhood, and you are going to like it or you get nothing!”. Now every time you go to take a bite of the garbage, you realize your just eating candy coated garbage. I can’t do that anymore.

For the most part the Marvel movies have stayed true to form, with minor variations here and there. Anyone who has picked up a comic book in the last twenty years knows that Nick Fury was originally a white man, but he is played by Sam Jackson. I wont complain, I think he did a good job, and, yes, they likely picked him for his acting chops and his badass attitude, despite being the wrong race – but no one came out and said they were doing it just because they felt the Marvel universe was too white. In the movie version of Daredevil they used Michael Clark Duncan (RIP, big guy) as Kingpin, when Kingpin is a rather large white man in the comic books. Okay, I get it. I mean, MCD was a HUGE guy, and his frame fit the character just right, but again, no one came out and said they picked him simply because he was black, or to make a racial statement.

I understand picking someone based on their skill and not their race, but in a pre-conceived universe of characters that have been well established for several decades you try to find the best skill that meets the look and feel of the character. Instead we are getting forced acceptance of abnormality because “too white”.

Anyhow, I’m done with this rant, and I’m off to the next one. I will likely go see Rouge One when it hits my local dollar theater because I like going to see movies with my kids, and they will likely want to see it. As they are all going to be grown up and moved out soon I figure I should spend more time with them. I may even like the film, but the words of director and the motive behind the script will remain in the back of my mind. Not to simply entertain, but to program via entertainment.


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3 thoughts on “Comic books, Movies, Race bending and Gender Swaps”

  1. You mention the new Iron Man and here’s the thing that gets me. I don’t see a problem with introducing more diverse heros to comic books. Is it a bit of a sausage fest then create new characters like the new Ms Marvel who is I believe Muslim as well as a teenage girl and is selling like hot cakes (just to be clear I haven’t read her book). Now she didn’t take over anyone per say as while there was a Ms Marvel in comics in the past said character had given up the title and moved on to other things, I won’t bore you with the details.
    The problem comes when you try to replace a main character. For instance in the late eighties Thor wasn’t deemed “kewl” enough and so replaced by a guy called Thunderstrike at another point he was replaced by an alien with the head of a horse. Most people don’t remember either of these characters because there seems to be a set time window where comics can shake things up before they reset to how things used to be. Because they were so busy trying to replace the old character with the new “kewl” one the new one is a) not needed once the old one comes back and b) is forgotten because they were a marketing gimmick.
    What I’m saying is that eventually Tony Stark will be back as Iron Man and this new chick will be dropped because we a) have the original and b) because she was rather bland and designed only as a gimmick to appeal to a current market trend.
    I wish that if they were to try and diversify comics they would do so with new original characters. Also isn’t it slightly patronising to clack people and so forth to kind of just give them cast offs like that. Like “hey we’re not using Iron Man any more you can have it.” Think about it when someone tells the story of Tony Stark to their kids its about how he made Iron Man in a cave and decided to become a superhero right? But you tell your kids about Riri and its a story of how a rich white man let her be a superhero and let her be Iron Man because he didn’t want to be.
    Sorry I’ve gone on a bit longer than I meant there.

    1. I’m familiar with some of the others who have wielded the hammer of Thor and, really, it doesn’t bother me, even if they did it because they thought it would be cool at the time. I don’t even care that they decided to make Iron Man an Iron Girl. What irks me is that they aren’t doing it because “its a comic book and we don’t have to adhere to any kind of reality except the one we make”, but because they are trying to push an agenda. It’s comic book land, people! We have guys slinging webs, giant green men with anger issues and a guy with built in shihs-kibobs in his hands – we don’t really expect reality, but that’s the thing! We DONT expect reality, we expect and escape FROM reality. So when SJW’s bust up the joint, trying to inject THEIR reality into our fantasy it doesn’t work! You want Thor to be a female? Who cares! Its nothing new that someone else has wielded the hammer and become Thor! But to have her espousing feminist propaganda while battling the “bad men” – you just pulled down your pants and dropped a big steamer on the character AND those who love that character. Then, to top it all of, you get indignant when people complain about it!

      To me that’s just cruel. Your right, they should be making their own superheroes. In fact, last night I was catching up on my “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” when they pulled out the gay, Hispanic inhuman because they needed someone to run a mission and didn’t have anyone left. Guess what? I HAD FORGOTTEN HE WAS GAY! They brought it up when he first appeared, and then that was it! And he isn’t (as far as I know) a reboot or rebuild of another character, he is an original character for the show! I didn’t have a problem with it! In fact, his ability is pretty cool, and I can see him causing Hydra some trouble in the upcoming episodes. That’s how it should be done!

      No problem, man, go on as long as you need. I have an endless supply of digital paper.

      1. Lol, didn’t mean to try and teach my grandma to suck eggs over the Thor thing, just thought I’d put it down in case you or one of your readers wasn’t familiar. Like with the new female Thor it just seems that they are hurting their own cause by effectively just being a fill in temp until the real teacher gets back and as you say being a boring mouth piece for stuff not connected to the comic. They’ve replaced pretty much the most macho guy in comics, Wolverine, with a teenage girl and everyone is pretty much fine with it because they are showing us a great character we care about not emphasising how much of a temporary fill in they are and going on about how they’re a great character simply because they are female (and or other) like Thor did for a while (I believe). and how you are sexist is you think other wise.

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