Good Christian Music – Music from my Past.

Since I railed on some CCM artists the other day I thought I would post some good Christian music from back in the day. Petra is one of my favorite Christian bands and I have a lot of memories of laying around my parents house when I was younger, listening to these records on my dads stereo. Its kind of surreal because it would be the whole family, gathered in the living room, listening to this music. Sure us kids were typically coloring or something like that, but there was little talking, just listening to the songs.

When I got a little older I picked up Stryper, who was a pretty good band that enjoyed some moderate success with their music on the secular charts. Their music has always been pretty firmly rooted in the gospel as far as I can remember. I know they did an album of secular songs they “reimagined”, but I didn’t see anything wrong with that. Their latest venture is pretty rockin’, and the first track “Yahweh” is awesome.


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Woo hoo! Robert Plants new album, Carry Fire is out! I love hearing new stuff from RP, who could never be pinned down to a single genre! I highly recommend it! Though he is getting older, his voice is still great, and I am really hoping I can see him when he comes to L.A. early next year!

Enjoy the first track on YouTube:

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Jethro Tull: My God (Early Version)

I like Jethro Tull a lot. Not many bands have a certified “rock flute”. This is a great version of a great song that I think maybe describes a lot of what’s going on in the churches now days. I didn’t post it as a religious statement, though, but because its a great song, and I really enjoy Ian Andersons little comment at the beginning about the guitar strings being a bit of a bother. Enjoy!

So Long, Tom.

As I sit and listen to Tom Petty songs I realize just how many I am familiar with and how many are great. I would never have said I was a huge Tom Petty fan. I don’t know much about the man, and I would be hard pressed to name a song for every finger on both hands, but as I listen I start to recognize songs I have been hearing for decades and I find many of them take me back. Back to riding the bus to school, back to good times with friends, back to little things that don’t make a difference in my life but are oddly cemented memories. Isn’t that part of the power of music, though? To take us back to points both important and mundane? Something about the melody, the voice, the guitar, the beat: Something about that moment in that song that locked something in.

To me, Tom Petty, though I wasn’t super familiar with him as a man, was a great musician. One of a slowly fading line of great musicians. One of the last great rockers and crooners of a time that has passed, but who’s music will live on for generations because it touches something base. A longing, an expectation, an excitement, a sadness.

Rest in Peace, Tom.


As an aside note, when I was younger and watching music television I came across a great song by a band called “The Travelling Wilburys” called “End of the Line”. I didn’t know it at the time, but this super group was comprised of some of the giants of music: Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, George Harrison of the Beatles and Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra. The song seems appropriate for Petty’s passing, so I will post it here.


EDIT: After listening I found another Wilburys song that was familiar. This one includes Roy Orbison, who unfortunately passed away between their first and second album. Its another great tune and also seems appropriate for the day: