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Adventure Tunes

One of the weirdest and most satisfyingly different cartoons to have graced Cartoon Network over the past few years was Adventure Time. Superbly odd, sometimes terrifying and always random, its one of my favorite shows, and I have been collecting the different seasons on DVD. One of its highlights are the various songs that are sprinkled throughout. Enjoy a couple. They are hauntingly wonderful.

Sad, I don’t know if AT was overrun by SJW’s. It had some left leaning themes, but they were mixed in with Finn and Jake, the shows protagonists, fighting evil, sometimes with fists, sometimes with words or ideas, but never backing down from a challenge or an adventure.

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Final Fantasy Friday: Shinryu Battle (The Worms Tail)

Though this is a long video (and not mine, btw) take a few minutes to witness FF14’s version of a battle with one of the most fiendish fiends in the FF multiverse, Shinryu! Aside from being a pretty difficult battle, the accompanying music, entitled “The Worms Tail” is fantastic!

A little trivia for you: When the battle first released after the expansion “Stormblood” hit the scene many people complained about its difficulty! I don’t think the devs nerf’d it, but I might be wrong. Aside from this battle, which you are required to play through to finish the story, there is an “Extreme Mode” battle that really cranks it up to high gear. Not for the faint of heart.

Good Christian Music – Music from my Past.

Since I railed on some CCM artists the other day I thought I would post some good Christian music from back in the day. Petra is one of my favorite Christian bands and I have a lot of memories of laying around my parents house when I was younger, listening to these records on my dads stereo. Its kind of surreal because it would be the whole family, gathered in the living room, listening to this music. Sure us kids were typically coloring or something like that, but there was little talking, just listening to the songs.

When I got a little older I picked up Stryper, who was a pretty good band that enjoyed some moderate success with their music on the secular charts. Their music has always been pretty firmly rooted in the gospel as far as I can remember. I know they did an album of secular songs they “reimagined”, but I didn’t see anything wrong with that. Their latest venture is pretty rockin’, and the first track “Yahweh” is awesome.


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