If you have a cellphone and you get into/out of your car a lot I would recommend picking up one of these. If your a guy it becomes especially handy, as we don’t have purses to carry our phones in, and sitting on it while its in your back pocket isn’t too smart a move. I dont have this exact one, but I purchased a similar one from Home Depot the last week and, honestly, I dont know how I lived without it before. My dad has a magnetic mount for his phone, but its one of those ball/socket ones that is really, really strong but changes the shape of the phone. With the socket on the back of the case you can’t lay it flat or anything like that. This one is really cool in that it uses a small metal plate that sticks to the back of the phone/case or, even better, on the INSIDE of the case so it can’t even be seen! It’s pretty strong and has held fast during last weeks trips up the mountains for work.

Remember if you order it to click on the link below or use my Amazon affiliate link on the right hand side of the page! It wont cost you anything extra but Amazon will give me a cut of your purchase which I will then use to buy wood and tools. Thanks in advance!