Time to get WOKE! Feminist vs. Russian Orthodox Christians!

This video is a riot. The commentator, I believe, goes by Sargon of Akkad and I believe he is an atheist, but, if I remember correctly, he at least recognizes the good Christianity has done in the world.

This poor, dumb girls brain is probably doing backflips trying to comprehend what she is hearing, and that such a thing can even exist in modern times. The wife in the video may be one of the smartest and most “woke” (man, I hate that term but it’s so appropriate here) women on the planet. Funny thing is that this girl, for all her arguing, if the right man came along, would totally be on board for being a “slave”, just as millions of other women are “slaves” to the hot, but worthless thugs in their lives. In fact, she will likely be some boyfriends “slave” until they break up and she looks for a new “master”. Serial monogamy is the flavor of the day!


Final Fantasy: A Crystal Compendium (copy)

A number of other bloggers, along with myself, are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise by releasing a large collection of memories and reviews of its numerous games in a megapost titled:

Final Fantasy: A Crystal Compendium

You can visit my own contributions to the celebration by heading over to my other site and checking out my Final Fantasy Dissidia posts!

Great Games: Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy

10 Reasons Dissidia 012 is the Greatest Fighting Game Ever (That You Have Probably Never Played)!

Whether your a long time fan, a fanatic like myself or someone who isn’t even into gaming but wants to find out what all the fuss is about, check it out! Enjoy!

Wolfenstein: The New Order, tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, at 6pm I will be doing a live play of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Its a bigger, badder, better game than The Old Blood, with an incredible story and tons of action! Don’t miss this alternate historical take on WW2, and the second chapter of the Wolfenstein trilogy! Join me on my Mixer page from 6-8 PM, PST!


Final Fantasy Friday: Shinryu Battle (The Worms Tail)

Though this is a long video (and not mine, btw) take a few minutes to witness FF14’s version of a battle with one of the most fiendish fiends in the FF multiverse, Shinryu! Aside from being a pretty difficult battle, the accompanying music, entitled “The Worms Tail” is fantastic!

A little trivia for you: When the battle first released after the expansion “Stormblood” hit the scene many people complained about its difficulty! I don’t think the devs nerf’d it, but I might be wrong. Aside from this battle, which you are required to play through to finish the story, there is an “Extreme Mode” battle that really cranks it up to high gear. Not for the faint of heart.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Benchmark

Download, install and run if you dare! My gaming rig, an HP Omen with 32gb RAM and a GeForce 1050 scored around 3300/12000 in standard graphics mode, and around 2200/12000 in high graphics mode. I expected as much. Still waiting to buy and play!