Great Games: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Recently I have been aching to play Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and the latest Doom. I was able to buy Doom for the PS4 through Redbox for 5$ (What a steal!) and found a PC version of the old Doom called ‘Brutal Doom’, which I haven’t played yet but can’t wait because it looks amazing! As far as Wolfenstein goes, however, I am still waiting, but was able to pick up the much, much older ‘Return to Castle Wolfenstein’ from a couple of weeks ago and, I must say, it really is a fantastic game! I’m sure any gamer here has heard of, seen or purchased games from GOG, but if your not familiar with the site go check it out. They sell old, old PC games us old timers remember from back in the days when you were lucky to have a video card that displayed 256 colors, a 14.4k modem and a Sound Blaster audio card.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein, PC/Windows, Activision (2001)

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Great Games: Xenogears

The year was 1998, the year after Square Enix released the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation (PS1). During our adventures with Cloud, Tifa, Barret and the rest a mystery was presented. While sitting in a wheelchair, suffering from mako poisoning, speaking to Cloud would result in a single word answer through his mako-induced haze:


Though not known at the time, the word was a mistranslation and was intended to read: “Xenogears”, but even if the translation had been correct no one would have known what the word meant until information about the next big game from SE started to make rounds. Originally dubbed “Project Noah”, rumors around the mill said the game would never see the light of day in the U.S. due to its heavy religious subject matter, something SE thought would be unacceptable in the West.

Fortunately, however, it DID make it to the West, and gamers were graced with what has become one of the most compelling and visually spectacular games SE has ever released.

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Interesting Finds: Miitopia

I have always been a big fan of Nintendo’s Mii concept. Unless you have been living under a rock or are just not a gamer in any way, shape or form, allow me to explain:

Nintendo Mii’s are digital representations of people. Real, imagined, alive or dead. Using a simple, yet exceeding effective system of combining a range of eye, nose, mouth, hair, body and face shapes, gamers can recreate nearly any family member, actor, actress, musician or friend as a Mii. Originally released as part of the Wii software, the Mii studio became an overnight sensation, with millions of people creating the seemingly impossible!

Einstein, Weird Al, Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson, Jack Black, Batman, Ozzy Osbourne and more!

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Woo hoo! Robert Plants new album, Carry Fire is out! I love hearing new stuff from RP, who could never be pinned down to a single genre! I highly recommend it! Though he is getting older, his voice is still great, and I am really hoping I can see him when he comes to L.A. early next year!

Enjoy the first track on YouTube:

Buy the album here on Amazon!

Jethro Tull: My God (Early Version)

I like Jethro Tull a lot. Not many bands have a certified “rock flute”. This is a great version of a great song that I think maybe describes a lot of what’s going on in the churches now days. I didn’t post it as a religious statement, though, but because its a great song, and I really enjoy Ian Andersons little comment at the beginning about the guitar strings being a bit of a bother. Enjoy!

More Cuphead

A little more video from my son and I playing Cuphead. I cannot stress enough how difficult the game is when you consider everything that happens on the screen at once. Overall the game is not really DIFFICULT compared to other games of its type, there’s just so much happening at once that it is very easy to get distracted! Enjoy! (BTW: I’m the red ‘Cuphead’ that keeps dying while my son is the blue ‘Mugman’. Younger eyes and fingers are a boon in this game!)