So, if I remember right I mentioned a while back that my company (which consist of myself and my dad) had been using Windows phones for the past several years. In fact, I’ve never owned an iPhone or Android phone, until now. I’ve been using Windows phones all the way back to Windows phone 3.1 on an old HP Compaq PDA and the whole OS was great as a business device. Unfortunately Microsoft killed off the OS and, personally, I dont even know of Nokia, whom they bought out a few years ago, is still making phones.

That being said I had to make a choice as our “IT guy” on where to move to and I decided to give Android a shot. Not wanting to spend too much of my own money I opted to buy a cheap Motorola E4 from Walmart and test drive it. The price tag said 60 or 70$, I think, and I got it for 50$. It was a great little phone and the build quality was surprising for a sub-hundred dollar device. Convinced I was making the right move (and wanting to avoid Apple like the plague), I opted to buy myself my first REAL Android phone: The Motorola Moto Z3.

I had seen the Moto Z back when it first came out and, I have to say, it intrigued me. It was the only phone that made me consider leaving Windows because of the attachment capability. That’s right! On the back of the phone was a set  of pins and some magnets. You could buy attachments that would snap right onto the back of the thing and perform different functions! It was ingenious, but in the end I was not interested in giving up Windows.

Well, being forced to I went ahead an bought the third generation of the Moto Z, the Z3 and I am really loving it. I ended up getting a free battery attachment, which is perfect for those “working in the field with my wi-fi hotspot turned on, Bluetooth headset connected, on the phone with tech support for six hours” kind of days. I also got a speaker attachment for when you feel like listening to some music but dont want to go through the hassle of carrying around a Bluetooth speaker and a “fashion/charge plate”, which is the only attachment I’m kind of disappointed in. Its supposed to add some flair to the back of the phone and also provides wireless qi charging (if you have a plate, which I do), but at 30$ it seemed overly expensive for something that should be built into the phone. My Nokia Icon had built in qi charging, but, I digress.

A couple of weeks ago I forked over a few bucks for a phone flip cover/wallet in purple. Its got a magnetic plate in it so it just snaps onto the back of the phone. I typically carry the thing around in a Poetic case built specifically for the Moto Z. If your in need of a phone case check out Poetic phone cases at I purchased a case from them off of eBay for my E4 for 5$ and it was probably the best phone case I have ever purchased. I went ahead and bought a cases for my Z3 and it’s friggin sexy as all get out. Now, you cant use the attachments with the case on, but it slides off like a cheerleader drinking vodka on prom night.

The whole point of the post, however, is this guy right here:



This is the Moto Z gamepad Moto Mod and it is FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC. Not only does it have all the buttons of a standard game controller but it also has a BUILT IN BATTERY that, when charged, enables the phone to draw power from the gamepad BEFORE DRAWING POWER FROM THE PHONE BATTERY! This mod, combined with Mixer Play on Android, means I can do all kinds of streaming from any of the superb emulators available on the platform! SNES. NES. PSP. 3DS. GENESIS. MAME. All in my pocket!

Keep an eye out, friends. I think my streaming is going to hit another level with this bad boy.

If you’re in the market for a new phone, check out the Motorola Moto Z. Though the attachments can get pricey, they seem well worth it.

Up next: The camera lens attachment and probably the projector (yes, a portable PROJECTOR!), then I will probably be done. For real eggheads out there, you can purchase and create your own moto z mods with a mod kit! How cool is that?!?!