I know this isn’t the first post I’ve made regarding wood work, but I’m going to start using a numerical system for post names so I can keep track of whats what. That being said, here is my “first” wood working post with some updates on my current projects and where I am with them:

Crisis Core Buster Sword

This is a very large sword based on the legendary Buster sword, originally of FF7 fame but cemented further in gaming history with its inclusion in FF7’s “Crisis Core”. It’s an imposing 6ft in length (give or take a few inches, as I had some problems with getting the pointy end cut.

The sword is wide, and I’ve actually cut it down to 6ft to keep it at 10 inches wide. I think originally, at full size, its 12 inches wide and a good 7ft long. I’m doing a bit of experimentation with this one in that I have decided to widen and round off the handle where in the past I’ve just left it the standard 3/4″ thickness of the board. In this case I glued up a 1/4″ board on both the top and the bottom of the handle and turned it into a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 square, then took my 1/2″ round over bit to round it over as best as I could. Ideally a 3/4″ round over bit would be better, but I couldn’t find one for less than 70$ worth buying. I’m also going to be etching the designs into the blade (look at the illustration) using my Dremel tool with the router attachment. It will be an interesting venture, and expensive if I screw up!


Keyblade / Gae Bolg

I recently purchased the 1/2″ round over bit for the purpose of making two specific weapons: The Keyblade and the Gae Bolg. I had a 1/2″ round over bit last year but somehow it ended up missing.


I need it, or a 3/4″ round over bit, to create round stock from square stock. See, if I want to make something cylindrical, like the keyblade or a spear like the Gae Bolg I can do it one of two ways: I can take round stock from the hardware store and try to use my router or some other method to create flat spots on it in which to glue pieces on, or I can take square stock, which has all the flat space I need, and round over the edges once I know where everything is going to fit. I decided to go with the second option because, although its more time consuming, there’s less of a chance of me cutting flat spots at weird angles. Please take a look at some of my superior artwork:

2018_08_17 1_36 PM Office Lens.jpg
Flat stock. Plenty of flat, square (not the shape, the angle) sides for me to work with.
2018_08_17 1_35 PM Office Lens
What I am trying to avoid by using round stock and trying to cut flat sections into it.

I’m sure there’s an easy way to take round stock and make the flat sections I want into it, but I dont think I have the equipment to do so successfully. You can see in the pictures below that using the square stock is actually much, MUCH easier. Unfortunately with the 1/2″ round over bit the end product is kind of “meh”, but I can work with it for now.

Anyway, the keyblade test will make its way into the Gae Bolg test, which should make way into a full on, 7ft long Gae Bolg lance, which some nice girl in Sweden is waiting for, since her 500$ FOAM REPLICA ARRIVED IN THE MAIL BROKEN!


I started on the Mogfoil a while back, but I messed up the original by making it far, far too thick. It’s a foil, for crying out loud, its supposed to be thin and quick. I remade the main body a while back but its been sitting on the wall in the garage, waiting for the mess to be cleaned so I have space to work. Well, mess gone, so, I will continue. Its a reasonably simple project, I’ve just been lazy and not looking forward to trying to paint it. Ill post more on that shortly, as its probably the simplest of the three projects.

Well that’s it for now! I’m really hoping that sharing my Amazon affiliate link with my family and friends, as well as here, will help generate a little bit of cash so I can buy more wood and materials for more builds, as I’d like to be more consistent with putting some things together. Check back for more updates!