Okay, so, lots of energy drinks means I am up at midnight trying to figure out how to create some pretty complex items that some people have requested. Lo and behold I found THIS:

Do you know what I could do with this? Why, I could mass produce stuff easily! I typically make a weapon template out of MDF because its soft and easy to form (and cheap) then I use that to make a plywood template because it lasts longer (double side tape on MDF causes worn spots that don’t hold after a few uses). With this I could make and MDF template and, with just a couple of screw holes, I could use it literally dozens of times before having to replicate it again, or I could just make a plywood copy that would last pretty much forever! I would probably have to make it a bit larger that what is shown, though. I don’t know. Its not like I’m going to make one tomorrow.

I’m tired…..