Cronus Lux: Completed

So according to EVERYONE, though the sword I was officially asked to make was Cronus Lux, this one should simply be called ‘Cronus’, since the ‘Lux’ version in the game has an ominous purple aura around it. Since mine doesn’t glow, everyone says I should just call it ‘Cronus’. WHATEVER! Its done, and its pretty cool

As always, thanks to ma boy for modelling it for me (he’s kind of tall, so you get an idea of the size of this thing).

Vital info: 5’6″ long, 9″ at its widest, made of 3/4″ poplar, spray painted glossy black and covered in clear coat, the runes are made of vinyl that I cut on my Silhouette machine (oh man do I need a larger model!), handle wrapped in 550 paracord.

It weighs a lot less than it probably looks, but poplar isn’t too dense. As always its might fun to swing around!


Cronus update

So I haven’t done a lot of work on this guy since the temperatures have been exceedingly high in my area, but I need to get it done one way or another, so I have been working during my lunch break when its between 90-98 degrees outside. So far I have gotten pretty far, and I’m pretty happy with how its turning out with the exception of the pommel, which is far, far too thick. I should have used 1/2″ boards instead of 3/4″, and I may trim it down, but I’m afraid to do anything that will ruin this pieces, as I cannot start over at this point. I wanted to have done more shaping, but I really don’t have the tools for that kind of work. Maybe version 2?


Wooden Cronus
Rendered Cronus taken from FF14


Aside from that, some putty work, a quick sanding then paint, runes and clear coat! Should look slick in black with red runes on it!

I’m no prophet, but…..

“In the distant future science discovers the secret of creating human-animal hybrids dubbed ‘animorph’. When an eco-terrorist group destroys the offices of the man responsible for the discovery he makes a last ditch attempt to save his data by releasing it to the internet. Within the span of a year scientists all across the globe have created hundreds and thousands of the creatures, but with little to do with them. Despite their hybrid humanity they are still treated as animals, and some use them as basic laborers. When they start to get inquiries into purchasing animorph as cheap labor, a worldwide market is created.

When military scientists find a way to take the natural weapons and abilities from certain animals and genetically breed them into both human and animorph they begin to create ’empowered’ beings. Though officially banned by the U.N., every wealthy nation has its own secret force of empowered soldiers they use for clandestine missions.”

Thus begins Destructive Tendencies: Timeline Earth, the tabletop game I have been working on for many, many years.

And now China is creating super-soldier dogs, with eyes on making super human “enhanced” soldiers.

If you’ve never seen him, my namesake, Snapper, a giant mutant cyborg alligator (yes, you read that right) was originally created by the Chinese government for its clandestine “Army of the Animal Spirit”.

The future promises to be both interesting, and scary.

Snapper – Pre magitek conversion



Curtana, Complete!

With the addition of the blue ‘gems’ on the hilt this relic weapon is complete! It took long enough, but it was fun to do. I WILL make another later, but it will be much later, as I now have three commissions! Finally get to earn a little dough while doing something I enjoy!


You can find more information on my wooden weapon builds and stuff on my Facebook page (see the sidebar).

Week in Review (April 16-22)

A lot of travel last week for work, but it was all good as it gave me some extra hours on my time card! Got to listen to some Greg Laurie and Captain Capitalism during the hours on the road (talk about polar opposites, but both are good listening). Had some rain at one job site that left everything drenched and muddy. The dirt out on some of the job sites is super, super fine, almost like baby powder. When it gets wet it sticks to the bottom of your boots like dough, sometimes an inch thick! Since your out in the middle of nowhere there isn’t really a way to get it off, either.

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Forming Curtana

Since the temperature around my neck of the woods has taken a drastic drop I decided to work on making a template for the Curtana. For those of you late to the party let it be known that I make wooden swords in my spare time. I do it for a couple of reasons, but mainly because I feel it helps balance out my time on the computer (which I do for work) with something that is NOT computer (or gaming, which I do in my spare time). Secondly I do it because I would like to sell said wooden swords to young men who I think spend way too much time in front of gaming consoles swinging virtual swords when they should be spending some time outside swinging an actual sword (or wooden replica of). Unfortunately I haven’t sold many swords, and have actually considered just giving them away if I could get some crowd-funding going on, but I have yet to try it.

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Sword #62

Finally got this guy finished. I really like it! It’s very light (should be, it has no center) and fast and can easily be used both single or double handed. It isn’t really up to snuff with my typical builds because I had to rush to finish it. My buyer backed out so I thought I would give it to my wife’s nephew. I didn’t have red/yellow paint, like the original image called for, but I think I did pretty good in the blue/silver.

Sword #62


Unfortunately my sword-selling business isn’t working out as well as I had hoped it would, as I haven’t sold a single thing through my Facebook shop at all. It’s a little disappointing, but I’m starting to think that this kind of thing might be best sold at craft fairs and such. I don’t know. I might try and hit some of the nearby parks, where various peoples are enjoying the nice, but hot weather. Perhaps I can entice some young adventurers in need of new arms.