I’m a big fan of The Incredibles. It was a great movie with great characters and was more fun that maybe it should have been. It kind of stood out in the genre of superhero movies because it dealt with something I don’t think any previous superhero movies dealt with: The family. And not just any family, but a family comprised of superheroes, each dealing with the problems a typical person in their position would have to deal with. Dad, Mr. Incredible, hated his day job and worried about money. Mom, Mrs. Incredible, had to get the kids to school, tend to the baby and keep house. Brother, Dash was overactive and a little rebellious while sister Violet dealt with boy problems and the troubles of high school. All this while also having to deal with their hiding their abilities and a rising threat from an unknown enemy.

Since its release people have been clamoring for a sequel, since the end of the film is very, very open ended and hints at further adventures of the Parr family. Enter The Incredibles 2, a film that, so far, looks great. Graphically, I mean. Its been 12+ years since the original film and the advancements in computer rendering technology means we are going to see things looking much better, but perhaps not by too much, so as to keep the aesthetic of the previous movie.

Where I, personally, have issue with the recently released preview is that, instead of writing another genre breaking script and blowing everyone’s mind, Disney has opted to trot out the “dumb dad” trope! Watch the “Olympic sneak peak” released earlier this week:

First of all, it seems like a poor decision by the Parr’s to show interest in a mysterious benefactor who wants to bring back supers after the original dealt with the exact same issue! A mysterious benefactor who has a vested interest in bringing back supers, and ends up being someone who hates them and wants them all killed (and succeeded in killing many, btw). Secondly, while the original film differentiated itself from other superhero genre films with its super/family mashup this one looks to be the tired old, mom is awesome, dad is a moron play used by so many other movies and TV shows.

The first Incredibles film focused mostly with Mr. Incredible while Mrs. Incredible and kids had their own spy/hero adventure. Eventually the two stories would merge into a “family superhero” story. It would make sense for the second to focus more on Mrs. Incredible, but dad and kids “adventure” is going to be “dad is a moron and struggles with housework”?

“I’ve go to succeed so SHE can succeed!”


By the end of this short preview Mr. Incredible looks haggard and beat. He can handle giant, hero killing robots, but math and babies are too much for him.

Albeit I can understand the family baby, Jack Jack, isn’t normal, but still. The Incredibles 2 has turned into a weekly episode of The Simpsons. Mom, Marge, is on point while dad, Homer, is just a moron who happens to get lucky sometimes.

I hope I’m wrong about the story, and I very well could be, as its only a short preview, but lately Disney has been shifting the focus of their films from family fun to girl power. Cars 3: Girl power by films end. Star Wars: Girl power all the way through, in both films, The Force Awakens and Rouge One. I haven’t even gone to see The Last Jedi simply because of all the horrible things I have heard about how “Girl Powery” it is.

Exactly who is running the House of Mouse these days?