Update I: Recently watched the “Olympic sneak peek” trailer.

Update II: I watched the film, here is my short review.

I am a huge fan of the film ‘The Incredibles’. If you’ve never seen it before you are definitely missing out, as its a throwback not only to superhero films of yesteryear but also pays its respects to the spy film genre by mirroring James Bond quality gadgets and gizmos in its antagonist. It was well voiced, well rendered and is still a marvel of modern computer rendering capabilities.

Suffice to say that after the success of the first film ‘The Incredibles” built up quite a fan base and those fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Though I suppose the official game “Rise of the Underminer” was supposed to be a sequel of sorts (I believe it takes place moments after the end of the first film) Disney/Pixar recently announced a true movie sequel that immediately excited fans. Following up with a short teaser they revved the fan base up even more!

Unfortunately, however, it looks like they may be poisoning the well and following in the feminist footsteps of another franchise, “Cars”. Another one of my favorite movie franchises, the recently released “Cars 3” ended up being a bit of a let down as it ended up being a girl power flick by movies end. Yeah, yeah, I know. Some of you probably think I’m reading too much into a kids movie, but I wouldn’t care so much if it wasn’t happening all over the place. Everywhere you turn the men in movies are being replaced by women and it actually IS motivated by politics and feminism. In the past few years we have seen the following:

  • Cars 3: Lightning McQueen, by films end, is replaced by a female car who is actually not a race car at all, but has always dreamed about being a racecar, if only she wasn’t ridiculed by those mean men cars.
  • Luke Skywalker pretty much replaced by Rey in the Star Wars franchise. I know Luke is still in the film, but since the much anticipated ‘Episode 7’ was pretty much a remake of the original Star Wars film we can easily assume Rey was the Luke stand in. Unlike Luke, however, Rey just magickally knows how to use a lightsaber, how to use ‘the force’ and how to fly a starship without any training or prior knowledge.
  • The main hero of Star Wars Rouge One was cast as female instead of a male, with males in supporting roles.
  • Wolverine replaced by X-23, a female clone. Even though this one is kind of iffy because Hugh Jackman stated that he was done with the Wolverine character and it kind of makes sense to lead the loss into his “daughter”, its still another instance of a male character being replaced by a female one.
  • The comic book Thor being replaced by a female Thor because reasons. Wouldn’t have been so bad if they hadn’t had the female Thor spouting leftist, feminist propaganda while fighting bad guys.

From ‘Oh My Disney‘:

According to the Incredibles 2 First Look from Entertainment Weekly, the June 2018 sequel will place Elastigirl at the center of the action, while Mr. Incredible holds down the family’s new and improved home front, all the while dealing with Jack-Jack’s blossoming powers, as we saw in the trailer.

Yep. ‘The Incredibles 2’ will apparently be placing Mrs. Incredible aka ‘Elastigirl’ on the battle front while Mr. Incredible stays at home and plays Mr. Mom.

Look, I know it seems innocuous enough but good grief this is getting annoying.

While working on Episode 7 director JJ Abrams is quoted as having made disparaging comments about the series being too white, thus he made the film with the secondary agenda of being diversity propaganda (with the primary agenda being, of course, making money).  Along with several other directors having made recent comments about the ‘lack of diversity’ in race and sex in films its easy to see that MANY of the most popular films and franchises are being propagandized to push social justice agendas. The fact that big name films and popular franchises are being used as vehicles for said agenda should come as no surprise, as this is the standard MO for leftists and liberals.

Step 1: Find a franchise that is already popular and established.
Step 2: Transmogrify it into something that conveys a social justice message.
Step 3: Deliver message to the fan base, then call them sexist, bigot, homophobes when they complain about the sudden change in their beloved franchises messages and characters.
Step 3: Run the franchise into the ground if possible, but not before milking it for as much money as it can make.

Its annoying because its so blatantly obvious at this point. I should have seen the proverbial writing on the wall when they announced the film given Disney’s recent history with movies. I think the Marvel movies are the only ones that actually have male heroes as their main characters at this point.

I dunno. I honestly cant think of a single Pixar film I don’t like, but Cars 3 was a pretty big letdown. The previous two films in the franchise were more like buddy/buddy, guy films, and naturally you can’t have too much of that. The sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’ was all about Dory, and, again, it seems harmless and I would take it as such if it wasn’t just being piled on ALONG WITH Hollywood directors and film stars making proclamations about how they are intentionally inserting social justice/feminist messages in films.

This last point is probably what’s causing me the most issue. I probably wouldn’t have cared or thought about Star Wars being taken over by female leads if the directors had just kept their mouths shut. The world would have taken a female Thor as par for the course (I mean, c’mon! The role of Thor was once occupied by a freakin’ dinosaur!) if the writers hadn’t opened their big mouths and turned the change into a battle cry for feminism. If they are going to do this they can expect a backlash. Its like trying to play a joke on your buddy by sneaking a dog turd under his bed, but screaming at the top of your lungs about how your going to put the turd under there, then getting mad when your buddy gets mad about you doing it!

It can still be a good film. I hope its a good film, but I guess we wont know until it gets here.