So a while back I started working on a Mogfoil, another weapon from Final Fantasy 14. I got stuck on it for a long time because I wasn’t quite confident how I was going to paint the handle the way it shows in the game and I ended up just making side scales for the hilt and pommel. Now, being a test build I expect the end product to be kind of ugly since its a learning build, and, well, its ugly.

Ugh. But, it is a test, after all.

Some of the biggest issues at hand are the fact that I had already routed profiles on the handle and body so the side scales don’t sit flush or “meld” in any way with it resulting in a broken and bulky look. Now I know for next time!

Also the fact that I had already painted the body meant that gluing the scales on wouldn’t work with normal glue so I resorted to using super glue. As a result I was a little to cautious and was paying more attention to not getting my fingers stuck than lining things up right so the scales aren’t evenly placed on the sides. Awful.

Lastly I am gluing up the moogle bodies/wings onto the side. Again with the super glue. Honestly I don’t really know how well super glue holds in comparison to normal wood glue but one nice thing is that the super glue sets in about 30 seconds which means the piece doesn’t move after I get a clamp on it, and I can glue multiple pieces (like both top and bottom moogle bodies) one right after the other.


This has been a fun build and I am looking forward to starting on a second, more well planned, build maybe in the spring. We’ll see.