Once again I am rebuilding the great sword known as Slash, a smart mouthed and sadistic magick weapon from my Destructive Tendencies tabletop game. Recently I decided to somewhat redesign the blade so that I could properly create a wooden replica and decided to try and rebuild the model as well using a few new tricks I picked up for Hexagon.

If you’d like to try Hexagon head on over to http://www.daz3d.com and pick it up while its free and still in beta. Its a decent enough 3D program though I suppose Blender is better, and also free. The interface to Blender, however, gives me nightmares. There’s just too much stuff to take in. Its intimidating even though I know that if I could master it I could create some beautiful stuff. I might be too old for learning new tricks, but who knows.

hexagon gs slash
The beginnings of a new Slash! Same as the old Slash – kind of.