Continuing work on my new Slash model. Its been a pain in the butt to get this model done, which seems typical for me. For some reason I thought the program I am using, Hexagon, would retain sharp edges when moving an object into DAZ Studio, but I was wrong.

hexagon gs slash

If you look at this model in Hexagon all of the edges of the blade are sharp and clean, but when sent to Studio the Studio engine interprets these sharp lines as soft curves, meaning the blade looks like a big blob.

The trick is to add EXTRA lines on top of the lines you want to be sharp! So each “sharp edge” consists of three lines. It make a huge difference! Click on this image and take a good look at the round “doughnut” that makes up the base of the blade. The big purple one. See how soft and round it looks?


Now if I apply an extra edge above and below the edges that should be sharp:


You can see they are much, much more defined! Crazy, and a little irritating because I have to hunt down and slice every edge I want to have sharp, but its not so bad. It would be nicer if, when zooming in on a tiny edge, the software didn’t have a bunch of graphical issues, but it is beta software, after all.

Until next update!