I was able to purchase a few new tools in the past couple of weeks and am really excited at the prospect of some new build opportunities!

Infinity Mega Flush Trim Bit


This bad boy will shear the crap out of wood much more nicely than the Whiteside flush trim bit I own, and for the same price. Whiteside makes a spiral trim bit to the tune of $180, but the Infinity only ran me $50! The shearing action from the blades makes a much cleaner cut than the chopping action of a standard trim bit and reduces the need to flip a template over.

Used Rigid 2911 Fixed Base Router

Yeah, its used, but it was $100 instead of $200 and likely worth every penny. I need it because the above router bit has a 1/2″ shank and my current router (and, amazingly enough, the Ryobi fixed base router) can only accommodate a 1/4″ shank. Its a 2 HP beast and I’m sure it will make short work of whatever I feed to it. Hoping it will fit the router plate of my Husky workbench, but if not I might buy a pre-cut aluminum replacement.

That’s about it! Check back for updates when I start putting these to use. I should also be grabbing a couple of other updated tools here soon and will post info when I do!