Several posts I have made in the past concern some of the interesting and cool albums I find when I go to the thrift stores at the coast. Some of them are old, but not really “rare”, while others are albums I have never seen before. Over the weekend I configured an old computer to act as a music player on my Discord server and at the moment it is up and running! Well, kind of up and running. The work I am doing requires me to swap my network switch/router around a bunch and so it has been going on and offline. Currently, however, its streaming some old Bing Crosby radio programs and if you’re interested in listening simply click on the Discord link to the right. When you enter simply ask for the ‘Bard’ role and I will assign it to you, which will allow you to enter the listen only voice chat room #the-jukebox. After some initial testing my goal is to play some of the older and more interesting stuff I find on some kind of schedule, as well as continue with my Final Fantasy Friday playlist of FF and SquareEnix game soundtracks.

See you there!