So this is actually more than just a video test, it was also a resin test. Some time ago, after much hassle, I was able to successfully order, and receive, a small batch of epoxy resin from eBay. I would be lying if I said it was a simple process, as I had made an order on what was a really good deal only to be told weeks later that the order was made from a seller “whos account might have been compromised”. Frustrated I made another order only to find out within minutes that the order was, again, made from a seller “whos account may have been compromised”. I was frustrated! Was there some deep, dark, black market on epoxy resin I wasn’t aware of? I made a third order, which successfully went through, but the tracking showed me that it was delivered to some address on the East coast, and not to my house! Fortunately after each one of these incidents I was given a refund, but in the end I ended up getting about a quarter of the amount of resin for double the price as the previous orders. Maybe not double, but more than I had originally set out to spend.

In addition this is my first multi-part video that I stitched together using some software I downloaded from the Windows store. As usual I have not uploaded it to YouTube or anything like that, but will instead embed it from my OneDrive account. Its not super well-done, and it was shot from my phone. I decided to do it kind of at the last minute, as I had finished setting everything up for the work. This was the first time I have dealt with a large amount of resin like this. I’ve experimented in the past with some small wood/resin rings, but this is the first time I’ve mixed up and poured a large amount of resin into a larger project. It went well, but could have gone better.

But enough talk! Watch the video, and listen to the sultry sound of my voice…..