So I take melatonin at night. It doesn’t really “help me sleep” because most of the time I’m pretty tired at bed time, however I love how it makes me dream. My wife thinks I’m weird but I love a good, deep dream. I’ve had several real doozy’s in the past and I remember them pretty well, though I think I should start keeping a journal. Over the weekend I drifted halfway between being asleep and awake and I had a rather vivid dream in which I was watching Robin Williams on a talk show. This is what he had to say when asked about the state of society today, and it sounds like something he would have said:

There was a time not too long ago where people understood they had strengths and weaknesses. And when you were weak at something people would come along and lend you their strength, and you would do the same for them with your strengths. We would complement our fellow man. We wouldn’t complete one another, but we could make each other whole. Now no one is allowed a weakness. Now everything has to be a strength. And when you have a society full of nothing but strong people eventually everything becomes a contest to see who’s the strongest and nobody wants to help anyone else because that could be seen as a sign of weakness. Men and women used to complement each other but now they don’t because we tell girls that being loving is a weakness and boys that being strong isn’t a strength. There’s a balance. We give little girls pink things when the are growing up because its a color they love, but as they get older maybe the find they like a little blue in there. Some adventure. Some daring. When you tell her she’s wrong for liking pink and you dump a bunch of blue in her life she gets confused because she still likes pink, but everyone tells her that its wrong so she overcompensates by pouring on the blue and you end up with what we have now: women who dont know how to be women and think they want to be men. We give little boys blue because its the color they love, but they add a little pink in there over time, and that pink becomes caring and tenderness mixed with strength. When we tell them their strength is bad they become all caring and all tenderness, which sounds great on paper, but boys become men through learning strength, otherwise they’re just hairy women!

We used to complement one another.

We don’t do that anymore.

I know these words reflect more the core of my own ideas and beliefs, but it sounded good in his voice. For being such a comedian Robin Williams had some very wise and poignant things to say at times.

I don’t know. Just figured I would share.