Watchers and An Explanation

It appears that I am a bit of a subject of discussion amongst a few “bird watchers” that have taken issue with some of the stuff both on my blog and in some of the comments I have made on another blog. Aside from being cowardly to sit back and talk about people from the shadows, it just seems to be in bad taste, but bad taste is pretty much the order of the day for the majority of the internet, so no biggie there.

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The Despicable Wife.

Who is the ‘despicable wife’?

The wife who acts like a child.
The wife who rebels against a good husband.
The wife who says, “God provides all”,
Then becomes angry when she has not when she wants more.
The wife who says to her husband, “I demand to be heard!”,
When he cares for all her needs.
The wife who says to her husband, “I do not need you,
GOD gives me all, not you!”

She is never content, but feigns it when it suits her.
She never produces, but always consumes.
She flies into fits of rage when her way is considered,
But another way is preferred.
She entices her husband to jealousy.
She lends an ear to the voices of her “friends”,
Who are no examples of femininity.
She corrupts her good friends and whispers into their ear:
“Why are you a doormat?”
“Why do you obey?”
“Rebel, like me.”
“Cast off the shackles of obedience.”

She will be judged harshly.


Seeing too Much or Searching too Little?

So I just had a small discussion with my sister over the events of the weekend and I explained to her that I had a little bit of a sour feeling about the web site for The Influencers, a church group that, from what I can tell, offers a number of different types of courses for churches including a men’s study. For me the big issues were the odd description of men doing “treasure hunts” (I mistakenly said “journeys”) which guide them towards an “inner chamber”. Maybe I was reading into it too much, but take a look for yourself:


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Interesting Finds: Miitopia

I have always been a big fan of Nintendo’s Mii concept. Unless you have been living under a rock or are just not a gamer in any way, shape or form, allow me to explain:

Nintendo Mii’s are digital representations of people. Real, imagined, alive or dead. Using a simple, yet exceeding effective system of combining a range of eye, nose, mouth, hair, body and face shapes, gamers can recreate nearly any family member, actor, actress, musician or friend as a Mii. Originally released as part of the Wii software, the Mii studio became an overnight sensation, with millions of people creating the seemingly impossible!

Einstein, Weird Al, Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson, Jack Black, Batman, Ozzy Osbourne and more!

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Loving people (its difficult).

Since I “took the red pill” a few years ago one of the unfortunate side effects has been a more distinct dislike of people. Not just women, but people in general. I think its due to the fact that the red pill makes you more aware of peoples BS and how crappy humanity can actually be. Not that it was a big secret before, but as you start to see the stuff women get away with and the white knights/cowardly men who allow them to get away with it, combined with the way the current system is stacked against normal, masculine men, it makes you more jaded and frustrated.

Red pill sites will tell you that anger is one of the “phases” of the red pill men go through when they final swallow it and start accepting reality. Some guys get stuck there, I guess, and are mad at the world for the rest of their lives. For a Christian it can be especially difficult because we are commanded to love one another and even to love our enemies. How can you do that when you have such disdain and anger towards the people around you. When you hear people saying idiotic things that grate on your nerves, or see them acting like fools so much so that you just want to go punch them in the mouth?

As a Christian I have to remind myself sometimes that Jesus, the master whom I am trying to model myself after, knew everything about the people he spoke to. Every awful thought, every awful thing, stuff that I would never and could never know by just seeing a person or even talking to them. Every dark secret, ever addiction, every horrible thought in the human mind is known to him – Yet he loved us. So much so that, despite knowing all the ugliness we possess he died in our place for our sins.

If he loved us so much, knowing so much about us, then I should be able to show some of that same love towards others, even though it may be difficult, shouldn’t I?

As Christians I think we all know and understand that everyone has sinned and nobody is perfect, yet it can be difficult to remember this fact when you have stupidity, hatefulness and ignorance directly in your face.

Maybe part of spiritual maturity is being able to hold it together and love people knowing they can sometimes be turds. I know I can be one sometimes, but that doesn’t keep Christ from loving me.

So Long, Tom.

As I sit and listen to Tom Petty songs I realize just how many I am familiar with and how many are great. I would never have said I was a huge Tom Petty fan. I don’t know much about the man, and I would be hard pressed to name a song for every finger on both hands, but as I listen I start to recognize songs I have been hearing for decades and I find many of them take me back. Back to riding the bus to school, back to good times with friends, back to little things that don’t make a difference in my life but are oddly cemented memories. Isn’t that part of the power of music, though? To take us back to points both important and mundane? Something about the melody, the voice, the guitar, the beat: Something about that moment in that song that locked something in.

To me, Tom Petty, though I wasn’t super familiar with him as a man, was a great musician. One of a slowly fading line of great musicians. One of the last great rockers and crooners of a time that has passed, but who’s music will live on for generations because it touches something base. A longing, an expectation, an excitement, a sadness.

Rest in Peace, Tom.


As an aside note, when I was younger and watching music television I came across a great song by a band called “The Travelling Wilburys” called “End of the Line”. I didn’t know it at the time, but this super group was comprised of some of the giants of music: Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, George Harrison of the Beatles and Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra. The song seems appropriate for Petty’s passing, so I will post it here.


EDIT: After listening I found another Wilburys song that was familiar. This one includes Roy Orbison, who unfortunately passed away between their first and second album. Its another great tune and also seems appropriate for the day: