Week in Review (April 30-May 6th)

Last week, first week with the wife gone on her visit to Oklahoma. Not really all that exciting of a week.

As previously posted I got the sword I was working on done, though I’m not very satisfied with the results, mostly because I just forgot to do certain things until it was too late. For example, the hilt of the sword has four blue crystal diamonds in it, on either side. I had actually obtained some cool looking pool tile I was going to cut up and put in place for said crystals, but I completely forgot until after I was done putting on the clear coat! I also forgot to route the bottom and sides of the hilt and pommel until after I had already applied spray paint! Getting old sucks! Actually, I don’t think I can attribute the issues to getting old so much as I just got frustrated and started moving too quickly on the project. Overall it took me about a month of on/off time to start and complete the weapon, which is just too long for me. Of course, that was for the templates and everything, but still too long. With the templates complete (somewhat) I’m sure I could crank out another one in less than a week, even with drying times on all the liquids. Continue reading “Week in Review (April 30-May 6th)”

Week in Review (April 23-29)

Whew, what a busy week despite not having much to do! Did some travel for work, which is always interesting, but also spent a lot of time in the office doing squat. We have some programmable controllers that are not acting right and it is preventing our customer from using their control system the way they are supposed to. I have spent far too many hours troubleshooting, changing the program, troubleshooting, changing the program. At this point I think its a firmware issue that is messing up the sending of data from one device to another, and I don’t think its something we can fix.

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Week in Review (April 16-22)

A lot of travel last week for work, but it was all good as it gave me some extra hours on my time card! Got to listen to some Greg Laurie and Captain Capitalism during the hours on the road (talk about polar opposites, but both are good listening). Had some rain at one job site that left everything drenched and muddy. The dirt out on some of the job sites is super, super fine, almost like baby powder. When it gets wet it sticks to the bottom of your boots like dough, sometimes an inch thick! Since your out in the middle of nowhere there isn’t really a way to get it off, either.

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Mini Super NES – Super Y-E-S!

I was going to post this as a comment to the Well-Red Mage’s post on the rumors of a SNES Classic Edition out by Christmas time, but it’s not really a comment so much as a trip down memory lane for me.

I wasn’t able to get one of the mini NES classics, and personally I doubt I’ll buy a mini SNES classic, though the prospect thrills me. My first “real” job was at the Longs drug store near my home where my mother worked. It was through this job that I was able to purchase a brand new Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or, fondly, the SNES.

Now you can have your PS4’s and your Xbox One’s, and even your PS3’s, 2’s and 1’s. None of them – NONE OF THEM, hold a candle to the SNES. Sure, they are graphically leaps and bounds beyond the SNES, but it doesn’t matter. There comes a point and time in a game when you don’t care about graphics anymore. I mean, sure, you may see something and ‘ooo’ or ‘ahh’ for a moment, but it is soon forgotten as you concentrate more on GAME PLAY! Poor game play makes fancy graphics moot! The SNES had both excellent graphics (for it’s time and even by todays standards in a time of ‘throwback’ games that rely on 8 and 16 bit pixel sprites) AND excellent gameplay, in spades!

I won’t go into details about the hardware, which was sexy as hell with that sleek grey body and rich, purple, sliding power and reset buttons. Or the controller that was PERFECTLY fit to the hand and paved the way for multi-button controllers for the rest of human history. Or how there were ZERO LOAD TIMES ON GAME CARTS! That’s right, youngsters! Back in those days when you slid that power button forward (with a satisfying -snap!-) you were seeing intro screen within five seconds and, if you so desired, in the game within ten. No fifteen minute load screens or “here play this mini-game while waiting for the game you actually bought and paid for to load into memory”.

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Week in Review I (April 9-15)

My first in what could be a thing, a review of what went on last week in my life that will hopefully spawn some discussion and chat. It’s certainly not going to be Pulitzer prize winning fare, but I like hearing from and responding to visitors, so I’m hoping for, at minimum, some of that.

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Busy, busy, busy…

The past few weeks have been so busy I haven’t had much of a chance to post even one-quarter of the things I have had on my mind! Between work and trying to figure out what is going on with my finances I have been stretched fairly thin. I have made a few posts, but in all honesty I feel they are not quality posts at all and I need to go back and revise them somewhat, particularly my ‘women and the bible’ post. I’ll get around to it shortly, probably once taxes are done.

At the end of this month my wife will be headed back East for a few weeks to help tend to her mother. During that time I will probably do a lot of game streaming of various games, try to get a couple of weapon builds done and do a lot of fixer-uppers in the house. I don’t know how much I will feel like blogging here on WP, only because I think I am starting to get exasperated over a lot of stuff. Manosphere, feminism, confused churches and bad doctrine – I don’t know if I can keep talking about it because it feels like it makes no difference. No matter how much any of us talks, who is listening that isn’t already on our side? Who is being changed?

A long time ago I decided to stop arguing with people on Facebook because people who argue just want to argue. It’s better to listen for those people who are already questioning the narrative and are looking for answers because the answers they have don’t seem to be working. I don’t see any kind of difference being made here, and may forego blogging about such issues for a while until I can get myself together and figure out what I’m doing here. I, myself, am still struggling with a lot of the issues I speak about on this site, and I don’t want all my posts to end up being complaints about my personal life.

I will continue posting and fix a few of my previous posts, but where I am going from there I am not sure.

Stream Schedule: FF15 Sundays

if your interested in finding out why I think FF15 is such a great game catch my stream Sunday mornings on Twitch! I start around 6am with a small break for breakfast and then for most of the day. Feel free to ask questions or make comments if it suits you! Hope to see people there!