My Daughter…

My daughter and her boyfriend announced yesterday that they will be getting married in December. On one hand I am glad for them, on the other, well, not so much.

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Update: Life Moves On

An update and closing of the issue I posted about earlier regarding my sons friend.

D was a good kid and a great man. We met him when we went to my son’s graduation from MCRD, both of them becoming official U.S. Marines. Tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, he was quite a ways from home hailing from the state of Montana. Unable to go for quick visits back home during his time off and being my sons ride around base (my son didn’t have a car at the time) he opted to stay with us on several occasions and we were more than happy to have him around. He literally became part of our family, having spent plenty of time with our ENTIRE family over the past couple of years: my brother, sisters, mom and dad, nieces, nephews – even my grandma. He had a cute little girlfriend that had had only been dating for a couple of months. She was nice. He played too much Destiny on his PS4 and was kind of scared of Cthulu.

A week after getting stationed in Japan he and the rest of his group, my son included, were on a routine run when he passed out. By the end of the night he had passed away.

It’s been devastating to our family, but more so devastating to his family, with eight brothers and sisters. We will recover much faster than they will, and my prayers go out to them.

My son has taken it pretty hard, but seems to be on the mend. I have no doubt that he is hiding the full brunt of his emotions on the issue, as D was like a brother to him by this point.

It’s not difficult to think about the soldiers that die in combat, but we don’t often think about those that die in normal situations. I don’t know if that’s worse or not. No one has reported exactly why he died, though my son says an “unofficial” statement said sudden cardiac arrest.

D will be missed.


Wolfenstein is Go!

Hey, everyone, if you have a few minutes to burn over the next couple of days or just want to watch some gun slinging, undead Nazi killing action check out my stream of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on my Mixer page starting Tuesday at 6pm until 8pm, with additional playthrough on Wednesday and Thursday. If your not a gamer but would like to see a cool story of espionage, Nazi’s and alternate historical timelines then drop in! I’ll have my headset strapped on so I can answer questions from the chat room (game related, anyway). Once I wrap TOB up I’ll take a short break then head into Wolfenstein: The New Order, where things will get really hairy and the story grows exponentially!

If you haven’t already, check out my reviews of these two great games here and here.

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Awesome Sauce

So my custom Xbox One controller arrived and I have to say I quite like it! I went ahead and got rubberized grips on it since the grips my current Xbox One controller, a typical one you get with the system, has the plain plastic grips and, though they aren’t horrible, they can get a little slick when the wife has the heater running and the house is warmed up.