Well its 2018. Happy new year.

As I sit and think over what life was like a mere two days ago I am somewhat remiss to make any declarations of resolution for the upcoming 364 days, but I will, because I need to get stuff done!

Hopefully your beginning of the year is already off to a good start.

Stuff I would like to get done in 2018 (in no particular order)

  1. Do a few more game reviews: Since I stocked up on some games during the holiday season and there are a few I’m looking forward to this year I would like to get a few more reviews done. Nice reviews. Reviews with video and all that jazz, assuming WordPress fixes their problem with embedded files coming from OneDrive.
  2. A bit more streaming, with voice: Since I play FF14 and a few other games a couple of nights a week I would like to start streaming on a more consistent basis. I don’t think I’ll gain much from it monetarily, like my son does, but I enjoy talking with other people and it seems like a cool way to interact with others online.
  3. Get my table top RPG done. I have been working on it for years, have destroyed it all at least once and have been struggling to rewrite and complete it. It seems like table top RPGs made a huge comeback last year with several gaming podcasts gaining huge followings. Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ may have helped to account for that, as it featured and somewhat focused around the characters playing and referencing D&D.
  4. Get more artwork done: I need to complete some more models related to my table top game and pump some artwork out using them.
  5. Get more modelling done: I need to start brushing up on my 3D modelling skills, and it looks like DAZ3D is finally moving forward on updating their Hexagon tool, which has been in beta hell for several years it seems. Years ago I had built my Snapper character (my namesake) in 3D form, but used an old tool and unreliable modelling methods. The file has also been lost to the ethers, as I cannot find a copy of it anywhere. I need to rebuild him in all his metallic glory.
  6. Do a bit more woodcraft: Assuming I can get my garage back to normal I definitely want to make this year a year where I try some crazy stuff with my wooden weapons.
  7. Keep on studying and posting: I want to keep studying my bible every night (which I have slacked off on in the past couple of months) and keep making posts here on what I find. A lot of discussion has gone on in the past year and it has been very helpful. I’ve learned a lot from the different people who visit my blog and who’s blogs I visit.

I’ll be making a few more posts this week on some weirdness in my life and some somewhat controversial suggestions.

Here’s to hoping everyone has a good year this year. Remember, though, the only thing different today than yesterday is the number on the calendar. To really change we need to change ourselves, our ways of thinking and our own habits.