So I’m certain by now that you have noticed Sonja, the girl(s) on the right hand side of the blog. She is part of the storyline for my table top RPG, and has an interesting back story. You can check it out by looking at her bio HERE , if your interested.

You see, the thing is that Sonja is technically undead. Her bio reads on how her dual physical body/single mind issue is the result of a botched spell cast to bring her back from the dead, but she has never really looked ‘undead’. Recently, however, I have started fiddling around with some of the different skin textures I have purchased in the past year and am hoping to get some input.

This is Sonja as she is now (with the exception of the hair color being different for either version):

The skin texture used is really nice and clean, but not doesn’t really scream “I’m an accidental undead psychic”, so I did a little mock up with another texture I like quite a bit.

This first one is as close to normal skin tone as one can get without a lot more custom tweaking:

I like the addition of the runes/tattoos because my original plan was to have something similar on her body to begin with. The only thing I would need to do here is draw/design a specific mark that goes on her forehead and add it. The texture doesn’t seem as ‘clean’ as the original.

I also notice that on these test renders I forgot to darken her lips, which should be close to black.

The second texture is the exact same as the first but it’s marked “porcelain” and you can see why. It is much, much lighter than the original and the first test, and certainly gives off a bit of an undead vibe:

The only problem with this texture is it become washed out in very bright light, though I’m sure I could do a little to tone it down and bring a little bit of color back into it. That or I could take the first test and lighten it up more, but not so much that it’s nearly pure white, like this one. I think that might be the next test, since the first test render definitely has more of what I am looking for. The texture is very human, but disturbingly not as human as one would like.

What do you think? Any input out there?