Testing making a Curtana using 1/2″ boards instead of 3/4″. My hope is to save on cost as well as make something a bit lighter and easier to wield. So far so good, especially since I got this large workbench/router table.

New Workbench/Router table.

Since the router plate in the table didn’t fit any of my routers I had to build my own first!

Custom router plate.

I used a 3/8″ cutting board I bought from Walmart and, after a couple of hours I had something that worked.

In the end I was able to cut my base template and overall it looks and feels pretty good. I’ll have to do more to it, and I think I’m going to construct the side pieces from 1/2″ poplar as well instead of the typical 1/4″.

Curtana, 1/2″ poplar

More updates as they come.