After much heartache I have reached the point where I can FINALLY start painting up this bad boy and head toward finishing it. I had a TON of problems along the way:

First off, this picture LOOKS right, but I realized too late that the scales I cut WERE THE WRONG THICKNESS BOARD! Yes! I cut them out of 1/2″ when I wanted to cut them out of 1/4″! I DID THIS TWICE, since the first attempt cut fine but the second attempt broke, so I bought more 1/2″ wood and cut another one, THEN realized I had cut use the wrong board thickness!


I bought some 1/4″ boards and cut the first side scale successfully. It was around this time that I noticed my plywood router pattern was starting to fall apart.


So I recut the side scales with 1/4″ wood and though I successfully cut the first I broke the second so I bought more wood and made another, but broke a piece on that one. I tried to glue the thing up but, while it was on my workbench, the edge of my jacket caught it and pulled it onto the floor resulting in this. I was furious and almost gave up.

I bought MORE wood and made another side scale that broke twice! However, I had the mad idea to run out and buy some Gorilla brand super glue and, wow! Why didn’t I think of this before! Not only did it patch back up the small broken pieces but the hold was strong enough that I could finish routing them out, too! This will be a huge money saver for the future!

I almost said a bad word….almost. Lord knows I was thinking them.

After much fuss and ballyhoo I finally got the side scales cut and formed out. I glued the pommel on and routed/shaped it, so now I just need to do some light sanding all around before I apply my white primer. After that the main body gets a coat of glossy white while the pommel gets painted gold. The side scales for the hilt will get primer then painted gold before they get glued on, which means I have to tape off part of the main body to allow glue to set.


I like this version of the sword. The 1/2″ body is much, much lighter than the 3/4″ body and that makes it leaner and faster, yet it still seems very sturdy. I think the Lowes near me sells 1/2″ red oak boards, and I’d be happy to make one out of that. The Home Depot near me sells 1/2″ boards in walnut, maple and birch, but unfortunately they only come in two foot lengths, which really bums me out. I might find longer 1/2″ boards at the Woodcraft in Ventura, but I wont know until I go look.

In the meantime I have found a fabrication shop in town that will water cut a sheet of 1/2″ HDPE plastic for me, which will not only make a new and sturdier template, but one that is made with the precision of CAD, so both sides will be even and instead of odd sharp angles it will have some nice curves. Hoping to get that done soon, but it will be over 100$ easy for the material and the process. Ill let everyone know how it goes.